How to use the website builder

With the SendPulse website builder, you can create and design a website without any coding skills or involving a programmer. To do this, you need to add blocks, sections, and widgets and customize your content based on your goals.

In this article, we will talk about the website builder features that can help you develop a site with ease.

How to create a website

You can add a page to an already-existing site or create it from scratch. To do this, go to the Websites section, and click Create website > Website > New site.

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How to add elements

With the website builder, you can create multi-page websites with different sections, columns, and widgets.

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Name Description How to set it up
Block An element to which you can add other elements, combining them in one style. At the bottom or top of the existing block, click +Add block.
Section An element that allows you to place a row of columns horizontally. Hover over the top or bottom of the existing elements, and when a horizontal line appears, click +Add section.
Column An element that allows you to place a row of widgets vertically. Hover over the right or left of the existing elements, and when a vertical line appears, click +Add column.
Widgets Functional elements that can be added to blocks, sections, and columns. You can add the following widgets: Menu, Button, Text, Image, Video, Gallery, Socials, Spacer, Divider, Form, Payment, Chatbots, Countdown, FAQ, Map, and Course login.

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Click +Add widget in the necessary blocks, columns, or sections.

You can choose blocks with a ready-made design and customize them to your needs. To do this, click +Add block, and select a block from the left sidebar.

Once you add a block and a widget, an editing panel will be opened on the right. Here, you can customize your element and its design.

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How to switch between pages

You can go to other pages or add new ones without leaving the builder when working on different pages at the same time.

To switch to another page, click Site pages in the upper left corner.

Next to your page, click the three dots icon, and select Settings. You can also unpublish or duplicate a page.

To create a page from scratch, click Add page.

How to undo recent changes

To undo the most recent actions, use the control buttons. To undo an action, click the left arrow. To cancel previous actions, keep clicking the button. You can also use the Ctrl + Z keyboard shortcut to undo an action. In total, you can undo up to ten actions.

You can also redo an action that has been undone. To do this, click the right arrow, or press Ctrl + Y.

How to find design contractors

If you still feel the need for a professional’s help, check out our list of partners who can help you design a website. Click the brush icon, and follow the link to SendPulse's partner directory.

How to preview a website

You can see what your website will look like on desktop and mobile devices. To do this, click Preview.

How to customize your page style

You can adjust your website’s feel and look to fit your brand's style. Your website style is its particular color scheme, text, and button styles applied to all the page elements by default.

To customize your website page style, click the pencil icon, and set up your element options.

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How to save changes

To save your changes in the builder, click Save.

The website builder does not save changes automatically, so it is important to save your page before exiting.

To save your changes and exit the builder, click the arrow-down icon, and select Save and exit.

To go to your website in a browser, click the link that will appear in the top panel once your page is published.

The link will become available only after your website is published. You can publish a new page in the site settings after saving all your changes in the builder.

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In the middle of the top panel, you will see when you have last saved your changes in the builder using the Save button.

SendPulse automatically backs up your published websites every 5, 10, and 15 days. To restore a previous website version, contact SendPulse's customer support.

You can restore your website structure and settings, but your images will require reuploading.

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