How to add a review widget to your course website

In the SendPulse website builder, you can add a widget with reviews about your website or product. This widget can help you increase customer trust and convince them that your product or service is of high quality.

In this article, we will talk about how to add a review widget and customize its display options.

Add the review widget to your website

In the website builder, select the page to which you want to add the widget. Click Add block. On the toolbar, select the Widgets category and the Reviews widget.

Customize content display

In the Review display options drop-down menu, choose how you want to display your reviews.

Carousel Reviews are displayed as a horizontal slider, where users can swipe to see other reviews.
Grid Reviews are displayed as a grid, where users can see multiple reviews at the same time.

You can customize the content to be displayed.

Customize your widget display

In the Source field, select the course for which you want to display reviews.

Your course must have the same domain as your website, be active, and contain existing reviews, and the Student Reviews setting in your course must be enabled.

In the Number field, select the number of reviews to display. The options available are as follows:

  • All
  • Last 20
  • Last 50
  • Last 100
  • Last 200

Customize your widget appearance

To customize your widget, select Settings, and use the options available to edit your widget.

Number of reviews per slide The number of reviews that are displayed on each carousel slide.
Spacing The distance between reviews.
Color of the navigation buttons The color of the Previous and Next buttons.
Automatically change reviews A switch that allows your reviews to be swiped automatically.
Appearance Placement of your image under the text, above the text, or to the left of the text.
Show a part of the review text A switch that allows you to shorten your review length.
Text style Text size, color, capitalization, and emphasis.
Background color Your review background color.
Contour A line joining the points along your review boundary.
Shadow A shadow joining the points along your review boundary.
Rounding Rounding your review corners.
Inner padding The distance between your review text and review edges.

Copy your element ID

Every element has an ID that distinguishes it on the page. With it, you can add styles and scripts, show pop-ups, and track events for this element.

To copy an ID, click it. To edit an ID, click the pencil icon.

Read more: Block and widget ID.

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