Why should I activate my mailing lists?

In spite of the opportunity to load the unlimited number of mailing lists there is a special requirement for using them. Each mailing list should be activated.

The process of mailing list activation

To activate the mailing list means to provide us with the information about its source.

First of all, you must choose the source of your mailing list. It can be the list you used to mail to via another email service or email addresses of the opt-in subscribers from your website, your clients’ emails or purchased mailing list, business cards, questionnaires and discount card information or emails extracted from websites or some other sources.

The next step is focused on detailed description of the source of your mailing list. The possibility to send emails depends on the quality and veracity of the given description. That is because the delivery is allowed to the active email addresses only.

We analyze the sources of your mailing lists and decide whether to activate or block your list.

If we are not satisfied with your description we can send a request to your list asking them to confirm they agree to receive information from you.

Such kind of preventive actions is necessary to suppress spam deliveries via SendPulse.

SendPulse supports Anti-Spam Policy and Privacy Policy strictly.

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