The click-through rate is the quantitative relation between users who clicked on a particular link and the total number of subscribers to whom the email was sent. This is a key metric by which marketers judge the effectiveness of the email campaign and subscribers’ engagement.

In this video, the SendPulse marketer offers eight tips to improve email CTR.

The click-through rate is calculated only with unique clicks. It means that only one click per subscriber is counted.

The click-through rate differs depending on the industry. The graph below shows the global mean click-through rate (CTR) of advertising emails in various sectors. It becomes clear that email marketing is more challenging for some industries, such as travel and leisure and media and publishing, compared to industries such as health care and consumer services that show the highest CTR.

Why does the click-through rate differ so much? There may be several reasons.

  • In one industry, clients make purchases more often than in others. People buy shampoo every day or every week, but they purchase vacations abroad much more rarely.
  • Never buy a mailing list, because it produces a low click-through rate. In situations when your mailing list was built by you honestly, then the highly engaged list of email addresses will show you better results of click-through rates. 
  • Consider seasonal trends. For example, your CTR may, at times, increase during winter holidays when people buy presents for each other.

To achieve a high click-through rate, you should improve your mailing list quality and email content.


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