Email marketing strategy

Marketing is an important tool for working with the target audience and promoting on the Internet, enabling direct communication between business and customers. The goal of such efforts is strengthening of loyalty and increase of sales. 

Marketers have worked out 10 golden rules of email marketing. They are below.

Despite the length of existence and the emergence of many new marketing practices, email marketing remains an important tool in the arsenal of Internet marketers. Mailing lists are suitable for a variety of purposes, starting with direct sales, up to the increasing adherence and receiving feedback.

Email marketing has a lot of advantages, such as:

  • Low costs;
  • Immediate result;
  • Interactivity;
  • The email is delivered to many users simultaneously;
  • You do not have to wait for a client’s visit;
  • It is easy to detect invalid e-mail addresses (with the help of returned undelivered letters), positive and negative answers, visits to Web sites (using links embedded in the e-mail message), and sales increase.

Email marketing  allows you to create a program of regular mailings to promote the brand and the development of the business in  whole.

However, email marketing has some  drawbacks. They are the following:

  • Users can filter the general flow of electronic messages and delete advertising letters from the mailbox without even reading them;
  • A user can consider an advertising email to be a spam by mistake, especially if he receives a large number of undesired emails. Very often a user thinks that a message is a spam if its content does not meet his expectations. Then he can remove his address from the mailing list, and his opinion about the organization sending out messages may deteriorate.

Properly built email marketing can strengthen the positive relationships between customers and organizations.

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