An event invitation email is an email which is sent to the subscribers to announce an upcoming event like a webinar, conference, presentation, etc., and convince people that it is worth visiting.

Why is event invitation email important

  • Informs people effectively. Event invitation email is remarkably efficient in terms of letting people know about the upcoming events. Take it as an online equivalent of invitation by mail, with the only difference: email invitation is much cheaper, faster, and easier to produce. Besides, it gives an idea of how many people are going to visit.
  • Enables wide outreach. It is possible to send event invitation emails to thousands of people all around the globe in one click.
  • Gives opportunity for personalization. If there is data like a subscriber’s name, location, gender, etc., there is a wide range of personalization options. Personalized event invitation emails are more likely to kindle the audience’s interest.
  • Leaves much room for creativity. This “genre” of the email puts no boundaries for imagination. The brand chooses the style of an event invitation email based on the tastes and preferences of their audience. The success of an email campaign depends on how well the company knows its clients.

How to create an event invitation email

  1. Decide upon a style and tone. Plan how your message should sound like. It can be formal or friendly. The choice varies from event to event and depends on the style of your brand.
  2. Create an eye-catching subject line. It is an essential element of any email. The quality of a subject line determines whether the subscribers will open it or not. A subject line should inform about the content inside the email and intrigue at the same time to achieve a high open rate.
  3. Come up with thought out design. Usually, email invitations have a simple look so the readers could digest the information quickly. Make a meaningful design where every element serves its purpose. It is convenient to create emails in a drag-and-drop editor, so try to create event invitation emails with SendPulse. For a change, you can add a video and GIF to an email. These powerful visuals may increase click-through rates if added to the point
  4. Write a solid copy. Make sure that the text in the event invitation email gives the recipients a clear picture of what is going to happen, where, and when. If you invite to participate in a webinar, write about the speakers and which topics they are going to cover. If there’s a conference, provide the readers with a full schedule, including coffee breaks and brief info about the speakers, too.
  5. Put a strong CTA. A call-to-action tells the recipients what the next step is. It should be visible and contrast to the background.
  6. Add signature in the footer. End up your event invitation email with a full sender's name, address, and links to social networks. This way your message looks more serious and personal.

Event invitation email tips

  • Make invitation brief and straightforward. Tell what is going to happen, why it is worth attending, and what should recipients do to join.
  • Ensure it is valuable and relevant. Send invitation emails to an appropriate audience; make sure it is exciting and helpful for your subscribers. Use segmentation to better target your invitations and content.
  • Create an early plan. It’s okay to create a sense of urgency, but it should sound suggesting, not demanding. Bear in mind: people need some time to decide whether to attend or not.
  • Push creativity to its’ limit. An event invitation email should correspond to your brand’s identity, while you need to come up with something original to attract people’s attention to your event. Add a video where a real person makes an invitation. Put a GIF in your email. Or be minimalistic and make it only a company logo and the plain text. Try and surprise your audience in a good way and think outside the box.
  • Use a personalized approach. Implement personalization in your event invitation emails. It’s a powerful tool for raising open and click-through rates. A personalized approach builds trust in your subscribers.

Event invitation email examples

Kate Spade. They invite in stores to buy some leopard style things and enjoy free temporary tattoos, nail stickers, and other treats.

Event invitation email

Theater at Ace Hotel. They invite to book tickets for concerts and shows.

Event invitation email

Mac. They invite for a complimentary 15-minute appointment to experience the new spring collection.

Event invitation email

Creating and sending an event invitation campaign in SendPulse won't take you much time. If you haven't sent an email yet, follow this step-by-step guide.

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