How to put GIF in an email

Follow the step-by-step guide below to convert a video to a GIF-animation with SendPulse HTML email editor.

Step 1: Create an email campaign

Fill in all the fields with the necessary data. Choose a mailing list to send an email campaign to. Add “From” email address and Sender’s name. Create a subject line and click“Next”.

Create a campaign

Step 2: Open HTML editor

Choose HTML editor. Сlick on “Insert video” button.

Insert video

Add a link to the video you want to create a GIF from. Currently, HTML Editor supports YouTube and Vimeo services. You can create GIF in two different styles: as a short part of the longer video, or as a collage made from several frames. Consider adding an overlay button to the image and decide whether to display the duration time or not. Select the width of the GIF, suitable for your template.

Insert the link

Step 4: Make GIF as a part of the video

Click on “Generate GIF”. Then select “Part of the video”. It allows you to create a short GIF video with a maximum length of 5 seconds. Enter the particular second of the video from which the GIF should start. Then, select the duration from 0,1 to 5 seconds.

Generate GIF

Step 5: Make GIF constructed of several frames from different parts of a video

Click on “Selected frames”. Just play video and stop on the moment you want to add to a GIF. Push “Add frame”. Select the other frames you want to include in your GIF next, stop, and click “Add frame” again. The maximum number of shots you can add is 15. You can also set the duration for each frame. The maximum duration is 5 seconds, which means that every frame will be displayed one after another for 5 secs.

Generate GIF

Step 6: Add GIF to the email template

Push “Create gif image”. Watch the result and if you like it, click “Add image to the template”. Here are the examples for both ways of adding GIF: as a short video and as a set of different frames accordingly. Send a test email to see how it looks like in a finished template.



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