If you use such services as Gmail, Outlook, Zoho Mail, Yahoo Mail for sending emails, you face a typical problem. While sending an email to multiple recipients, you fill the “To” field with all the email addresses you will send to. Thus, every recipient will be able to see the list of other recipients.

Sending mass emails in Gmail

Use email marketing services! 

Using such a service, you just need to add a mailing list once and choose it while creating email campaigns. Your recipients will NOT see other recipients.

In our service, your list of recipients won’t be visible to every single recipient as well. It is pretty easy to start sending email campaigns.

Add a mailing list

Before creating an email campaign, add mailing list. You can upload a file with email addresses, copy and paste them or import from other service with the help of API key. Read this article or watch the video to create a mailing list. 

Create an email campaign

Creating an email campaign is easy and takes only 3 automated steps:

  1. Filling the information about campaign
  2. Choosing of an email template and adding text
  3. Review and send

Follow this step-by-step guide to send an email campaign

Create own email template

Use our drag-and-drop editor to create an original template. You don’t need to code or have special skills to work with the editor. You can choose the template base structure, 6 groups of elements and other interesting options. More details here.

Use variables

Make your emails personal for every subscriber with the help of variables!

Variables include different personal information about your clients that you can use in your email campaigns. Read more in our article

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