Use MxToolbox if you have problems with email delivery. This tool will help you to find out the necessary domain’s reputation and who is sending from a particular domain. MxToolbox will check your domain over 100 email blacklists.

To check if your domain is blacklisted, follow these steps:

Step 1. Choose “Blacklists” tab.

Go to Blacklists tab

Step 2. Insert your domain.

Insert your server IP or domain and click “Blacklist Check”.

Insert your domain

Step 3. Get the results.

Get the results

You will discover the results with the possible reasons for getting into a particular blacklist.

Step 4. Send a request to be removed from a blacklist.

In case the domain is blacklisted, send a request to remove it from the blacklist, but before doing it, correct all the violations and explain it in your request.

There are some more tools to check if your domain is blacklisted:

  • AntiSpamSniper
  • UltraTools
  • MultiRBL

Take care of your domain’s reputation!

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