How to grow your email list?

Growing an email list is the issue which is of a great interest to both the beginners in email marketing and professionals. It doesn’t matter how large your email list is, you’ll surely want to get more subscribers, that’s why you can’t pass this article by.

Here we’ll dwell on some useful tips on how to grow your email list:


Homepage is the face of your online business. At the first stage, your success depends on its quality. Users are interested in your business as it meets their needs and is the solution to their problem. Make sure that the interface won’t cause any problems while dealing with your product or service. Make the most important things visible like the name of your company, logo and what you offer, be accurate and precise – state clearly what is the advantage of working with you. It will be a good idea to place the testimonials and clients’ feedback on your homepage, thus, your prospects will see that people trust you.

Opt-in form

Opt-in form is the bridge between you and your clients. You are to do your best to make users tread. The key lies in optimizing your opt-in form.

How to optimize an opt-in form?

Create the incentives

Incentive tells the users why they should subscribe and what benefits they will get. Very often it is called a lead magnet. Prospects are to see a clear and obvious advantage of working with your product or service. 

Own an online bookstore? Offer a free audiobook.

Are you in ecommerce? Offer your prospects a free shipping. 

These are irresistible incentives, users will hardly pass by.


State the value

Tell the prospects what they will get from working with you. State clearly the benefits. Besides, you can mention or ask users about the email sending frequency – it’s a great practice.


Place it above the fold

Place your opt-in form above the fold for your subscribers not to scroll down to find it. It should stand out and be eye-grabbing.


Don’t ask too much

There are no doubts that personalization and segmentation are powerful methods in email marketing. They provide an individual approach to every client BUT keep away from asking too much information in your subscription form. Otherwise, you’ll create a high barrier of entry and it will be too difficult for a user to subscribe. Put yourself in the users’ shoes – would you subscribe if you are asked to answer 10 obligatory questions? Suppose, no.

Remember, that you can discover more personal information and clients’ preferences later – in a welcome email, for example.

Ask only the information that you will use. Perhaps, the optimal data required is email and name. To find out the best variant for your business – create an A/B test!

Use social proof

Who do you trust more: businesses or the same clients as you are? The answer is obvious. Social proof is a thing which makes us believe and trust. If so many people use their services/products why don’t we try?

You can not only mention the number of subscribers but some famous clients as well.


Mention privacy policy

It may sound weird but you’d better write in your opt-in that you won’t give anybody your subscribers’ personal data to avoid spam because users tend to think that their inbox will be full of litter if they share your email address with you.

Wherever you ask for personal information – remind people about privacy policy.


Use double opt-in

You’re certainly familiar with this method. It helps to build a high-quality mailing list since users had to confirm their desire to subscribe twice.

A professional marketing platform makes creating this form a hassle-free task.

Let's grow your mailing list!

You may either choose a pre-made form or create a unique one from scratch to suit your brand style. Our flexible form builder doesn't require any technical know-how.

Register and create a form!

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to create a subscription form.


Search engine optimization allows your page to be at the top while searching. SEO also includes the quality of your content. If it’s not unique, copied from another website, you won’t reach the top-10, as a result, users are not likely to come across your page.

How to do SEO?

  1. Reevaluate your keywords regularly for them not to be outdated.

  2. Avoid too competitive keywords. If the keywords you want to use are widely used by competitors, it will be more difficult to reach the top in the search engine. Carry out the analysis of the keywords you’d like to use.

  3. Use long-tailed keywords.

Long-tailed keywords imply more precise and specific search. There are more chances that your page will be shown to the “right users”.

Remember that relevance of your keywords is much more important than their density.

So, relevant keywords, original and unique content created for users, but not spiders will help your email list grow. 


Giveaways are a real black now and not surprisingly. Who doesn’t like gifts?

They help to grow email lists. Ask an email address for participation in a giveaway, place the links to it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Ask subscribers to repost and share the link. Perhaps, your new subscribers won’t be as active as you wish but this is another issue how to keep them engaged.


Social networks

Promote your website on social networks. Publish news about new arrivals, upgrades, changes, interesting facts about your team.

Offer contests, giveaways, questionnaires for reposts, shares and subscriptions. Add subscription link to your website.

Social networks are a powerful way of promotion, grow your target audience with the help of them.

YouTube channel

YouTube is the second most visited site in the world after Google. We can’t ignore this fact. YouTube is a good idea to promote your goods as it helps to demonstrate them, to see the people who are working for you – it looks like a real communication. There are so many chances how to grow your email list via YouTube.

You can get subscriptions using cards. Card is an interactive element, supported both by desktop and mobile devices, place here a link and it will be displayed after a user hovers a cursor over.


Another way is using annotations. It is a text block on your video, you can also place a link on it, but annotations are displayed on desktops only.


Ask your viewers to subscribe for a value, for example, to get a free video with some useful tips. 

Place the link to YouTube video on your website.

Make the subscription process easy.

Partner websites

Search for cooperation and partnership. Partner websites with the similar audience will help not only grow your email list but to make it fresh and updated, so to say. New audience will help you improve, broaden your outlook and work in new directions.

Depending on your agreement with a partner website, you can promote different content: articles, reviews, posts, links, etc.

Mind that partner website should have related topics with yours one for you to stay relevant.

Meetings and conferences

Why not try some old school?

Meetings, conferences and hackathons are a great chance to get new acquaintances, to share a word about your business, to learn from the experience of others and to grow your email list as well. Ask people for their business cards with email addresses. Thus, your mailing list will consist of aware and interested in your work subscribers. 

Web push notifications

You can offer users to subscribe via push notifications. Thus, you’ll use 2 channels of communication and it will maximize the engagement.

So, there are many ways and methods to grow your email list. The most widespread is with the help of homepage, opt-in form, SEO, welcome email, giveaway, social networks, YouTube channel, partner websites, meetings and conferences, web push notifications.

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