This is a type of email subscription, using which, a user should confirm their wish to be added to the mailing list twice. It ensures both valid and engaged mailing list. All the subscription forms created in SendPulse use double opt-in confirmation.

The confirmation process consists of 2 steps: 

  1. The users submit their email address in the subscription form on the website and click "Join our mailing list."
  2. Then the users receive a special confirmation email in which they need to confirm their wish to be added to your mailing list. It looks like this:Double opt-in subscription

Why is it important to use the double opt-in form of subscription?

With double opt-in subscription, you will get a better quality mailing list because every email in your list has a double confirmation. Without a double opt-in subscription, you risk keeping bad email addresses on your list, because users could make spelling mistakes. Sometimes competitors may harm you by filling the form with non-existent addresses that will damage your sender reputation. 

With double opt-in subscription, you can start email communication with your subscribers immediately because you send a confirmation email. In this confirmation email, you can give subscribers more information about your brand, ask them to add your email to their address book or give new subscribers a special offer. 

One more advantage of a double opt-in form is that statistics show the unsubscribe rate is 7% lower than in mailings with a single opt-in subscription.

After the registration in SendPulse, you can either choose a pre-designed form or create your own unique one for free. Four types of forms are available. Change the style of a form, add images and text, and create a confirmation page where the users will be redirected after subscription.

Follow this step-by-step guide

Create a subscription form

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