An event confirmation email is a message sent to a user to confirm their registration for an event. It reassures attendees of the receipt of their registration, confirms the registration details, and gives important information about the event.

Marketers send event confirmation emails immediately after a user completes the registration for the event. Such email contributes a lot to building customer loyalty since it verifies the registration, provides directions for the next step and keeps the attendees informed. In addition, brands don’t have to spend much time on creating this campaign and managing contacts — they can rely on marketing automation services.

Why is an event confirmation email important

Confirmation emails are important to the event registration procedure proceeding from the tasks they help to cope with:

  • Inform attendees about important details regarding the event: date, time, place, program.
  • Confirm successful payment for the event: in case the event is a paid one, the email acts as the payment confirmation and receipt.
  • Offer recipients to opt-in for updates, newsletter, and future events: this email is a nice chance to increase customer engagement by striking the iron while it’s hot.
  • Promote referral programs: if the business or event organizers have a referral program, it is a great way to promote it and increase brand outreach.

How to write an event confirmation email

A confirmation email should be brief but informative to bring value to your subscribers. Follow the tips below:

  • Write short but valuable emails. Less is better. Stay away from being too wordy about your event. Include the information which is essential for your attendees like date, time, venues, and the overall purpose of the event.
  • Include appropriate images. They will not only make your email more attractive but prove that an event is worth visiting. Tempt subscribers with the photos from the previous meetings or unveil the mystery of your future event.
  • Use effective CTAs. Effective CTA is one that tells directly what the users have to do. It should comply with the email you’ve sent. Offer users to get acquainted with the full program of the event via the CTA button.
  • Provide attendees with extra help. Since your event may be attended by people from other cities and even countries, they will be interested in transfer, places to visit, and hotels. Don’t leave them alone — at least, you can provide your email with the useful links regarding these issues.

How to send an event confirmation email in SendPulse

You can easily set up an event confirmation email using Automation 360. It sends an email campaign after a user performs a certain action. In this case, that is “Special Date” event. The automation starts on a special date mentioned on the mailing list which an attendee joins. Follow this step-by-step guide to send an event confirmation email.

Event confirmation email examples

Here is a webinar registration confirmation email from Fairygodboss. It answers all the possible questions a user may have. What is good, the topics are specified.

Event confirmation email

The Eventbrite confirmation email invites young people under 35 years to their meeting. It aims to discuss issues affecting the youth and empower them. The brand lets people contact the organizer if any questions occur.

Event confirmation email

An email confirming registration to attend a UK university fair.

Event confirmation email

Event confirmation email best practices

To conclude, here are the essential things to pay attention to when crafting event confirmation emails:

  • Use segmentation to ensure an individual approach to every attendee. It’s necessary for national and international events to provide people with the best experience.
  • Use marketing automation services to send event confirmation emails and reminders automatically after a user performs a certain action.
  • Invite the attendees to your social media profiles. This way, they will find out more about your brand, communicate with the organizers and other attendees, and check photos from previous events. Just offer to join your company on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Add the email address and the phone number of a person responsible for the organization so that an attendee could ask for help at any time.

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