Send Automated Series on Special Dates

With Automation360 users can set up automated series which will start on a special date mentioned on the mailing list.

This way you can send automated series to clients on their birthdays, to appreciate their staying with you for a period of time, or on the anniversary of their first or laеуst order, and so on.

First of all, check the mailing list and make sure it contains a column with the necessary variable.

If there is no such variable on the list, create it — go to «Mailing Lists» menu and click «Create Variable».

Create variable

Be sure to create a variable of the Date type for dates. If it is a birthday date, the year of client's birth doesn't matter since you will be sending annual campaigns.

Variable type

Now you are ready to start building automated series — go to the «Automations» section and click «Create new automation»

Create new automation

Select «Automation360»:


On the next step, users check Automation options:

Automation options

Now select the «Special Date» option for the Flow start:

Flow start

Select the mailing list with proper variables, pick the variable that will be linked to the automation start and specify when the automation will be sent — every year or once on a specific day.
Besides that, you can select a time interval to start the automation before or after the date reflected by the variable value.


Additionally, users can set up variable filters — select a variable, the value of which you need to filter and select the filter condition: is after, to, is, between:

Filter condition



Here is an example of an automated series launched on a special date

Let's say there is a webinar planned on a specific day, and there is a webform on the user's website. 
Site visitors willing to participate in the webinar, signup via the webform. 

Suppose we need to send three emails: first email — one day before the event, second email — two hours before the start of the webinar, and the third one — 15 minutes before the webinar starts.

Let's build an automated flow according to this logic:
Set the flow start — 1 day before the date.

Set the flow start

1st email must be sent 15 hours later (that is if the webinar is scheduled for 15:00) — 15 hours after the start of the calendar date. 
2nd email must be sent two hours before the webinar — let's set the sending time of this message for 22 hours after the first email — one day (24 hours) minus 2 hours (prior to the event) after the first email.
3rd email must be sent 15 minutes before the webinar — let's set its sending time for 105 minutes after the 2nd email: two hours left till the webinar (120 min) minus 15 minutes.

This is how the flow would look like:

Sample flow


In Automation360 Special Date flows start at 9:00 according to the timezone specified in the account settings:

Account settings

This means, if a subscriber signs up after 9:00, the system will not send them anything.

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