«Condition» Element in Automation 360

The «Condition» element tracks events of various types: email delivered, email opened ("open"), or when the subscriber clicks links in an email or in the web push notification ("move to" option). It also tracks pre-set custom events.


For the «Delivered» event type, a user must specify the "Wait for trigger" interval:


The "Wait for trigger" interval is the period, during which the system waits for the condition to be met. For example, if a user indicates a one-day waiting interval for the "Delivered" condition, links the "yes" option to the "Email" block with the next email template, and the option "no" — to the "Send email to my address" action. If the first email is not delivered to the recipient's email address within one day, this email is sent to the sender's email address. If the first email is delivered to the recipient's email address within one day, the next email is sent to the recipient's email address immediately after the delivery or after the time specified in the "Email" block.

The «Open» condition type requires the wait interval specified as well:


If you use the «Move to» condition type, apart from the wait interval you need to provide a specific URL so that only a click on a particular link will trigger the event:

Move to

Here is an example: an abandoned cart event triggers the automation sequence; then, you can send the client an email to motivate them to finalize the purchase. After that, you add a «Condition» block to the sequence. Now, if the purchase doesn't happen (remember, that such a custom event must be pre-set in Automation 360, and you must send it to SendPulse as it occurs), send the client another motivational email, or if the purchase does happen, send the client an email asking to leave a feedback on your website.


Another example: you need to inform multiple clients about a product, and you are using an automation sequence, but not all of your subscribers open the messages. Automation 360 will send emails to those who didn't open the previous email, skipping those who did open it.
Let's say you need to send not more than three emails to your subscribers, but at the same time, you want to skip those clients who opened the previous email.
Set up a condition block so that if the newsletter stays unopened for five days, the system will send these clients another email. But if they do open the newsletter within that interval, they will not be sent followup emails.


Use the same flow to set up «Move to» conditions.

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