Sending webhooks

When would one need to send a webhook?

Sending webhooks allows SendPulse service users to receive updates when the status of the customer changes or when the automated series has reached a specific goal.
For instance, set up the service to send webhook details to your system, when the user reaches a specific goal or a stage of the automation flow. 

Webhooks can be sent on any stage of the automation flow — in the middle, at the end of the flow or at its very start.
SendPulse allows sending pre-set and custom webhooks.

Creating webhooks

Below is an example of the automatic webhook export, triggered by a client's action — the client has unsubscribed.

First, create a custom event in "Email" - "Automations".

Start the Events Manager

Click "Add new event"

Create a Custom event

Now name the custom event, select what variables and the format (string, number, date, structure) in which the data will be sent, then click "Add" to submit.

As you add a new event, a URL and an event ID will be created. Event data will be sent to that custom URL. 
Click "Apply"

Now open an automation sequence or create a new one (refer to this article to find more details on the automated series of emails)

In this example, we will create a new automation.

Name it and specify the additional parameters

Select the "Start condition" (drag&drop it from the left-hand side panel)

And then just set up an automation flow adding the "Required action" - "Send webhook" on the step you need it to be sent to your system.

Name the webhook in the parameter box (using numerals and Latin characters only) and specify the custom URL the webhook data will be sent to

*Note, that it is necessary to confirm the custom URL for a custom event by sending the personal key in response to the first delivery of the webhook data.
Otherwise, the service will allow sending not more than one webhook per hour.

Use the steps described above to set up other types of event:

  • email opened
  • link clicked
  • user marked your email as spam
  • the automation goal has been reached
  • abandoned cart and so on.


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