Starts of Automation 360 Flow

SendPulse users can set up Automation360 flows with the following start conditions:

  1. Add subscriber
  2. Special date
  3. Contact webhook
  4. Change variable
  5. Custom event

Flow start

Flow start events require at least one of these two variables: «email» or «phone.»

Starting a flow with the «Add subscriber» event

To start a flow with the event adding a subscriber to the mailing list, first, specify a mailing list that will be tracked for the event.

Flow start

Additionally, users can turn on the option that starts the flow when the mailing list is updated with a contact who is already on it.

Generally, mailing lists are updated from one of the following sources: integrations with third-party resources, in the SendPulse user panel, via REST API, signup forms, manual updates of mailing lists, transfer of a mailing list segment from one list to another, or changes caused by the «Action» block of Automation360.

Starting a flow with the «Special date» event

Start your flow with the «Special date» event, when you need to start the sequence after the «Date» variable on your mailing list gets a specific value.

Flow start

Special date events are usually used to send clients messages on important dates or to inform customers about the upcoming expiration of their subscription.
Naturally, the mailing list must contain that variable.

Starting a flow with the «Contact webhook» event

Starting your flow with the «Contact webhook» event tracks actions of subscribers, who have somehow reacted to an email: opened it or clicked a link in the message.

Flow start

Starting a flow with the «Change variable» event

Start your flow with the «Change variable» event, when the value of a specific variable on the mailing list changes. To choose this type specify a mailing list that will be monitored for updates.

Flow start

This event also offers an option to set a specific value for the variable to trigger the flow starts when the variable receives it.

Starting a flow with a custom event

An event is a condition set up by the user, a sort of a webhook you on your end integrate and send to SendPulse to trigger the flow to start. Select a previously created event that will trigger your auto-flow.

Flow start

This start type has an option to use variables from your mailing list — for instance, if clients' names are on the list, but custom event can't transfer these details to SendPulse. So, if the user can transfer corresponding clients' phone number, email address, other details, like name, will be taken from the mailing list automatically.
To use variables from your mailing list in auto-flow, turn the toggle switch to ON and select a mailing list.

Flow start

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