Start of Automation360 flow

SendPulse users can set up Automation360 start by such conditions:

  1. Add subscriber
  2. Special date
  3. Contact webhook
  4. Change variable
  5. Custom event

Flow start events require at least one of these two variables: «email» or «phone».

Flow start

Starting a flow by «Add subscriber» event

To set up this type of the flow start, first specify a mailing list that will be tracked for the event.

The event type and mailing list ID will be displayed on the flow start block.

Additionally, users can turn on the option which will start the flow when the mailing list is updated with a contact who is already on it.

New subscriber

Generally, mailing lists are updated from such sources: integrations with third-party resources, SendPulse user panel, REST API, signup forms, manual updates of mailing lists, transfer of a mailing list segment from one list to another, changes caused by the «Action» block of Automation360. 

As soon as user sets the flow start, its parameters will be displayed on the block: start condition, mailing list ID and flow start parameters.

Starting a flow by «Special date» event

Use the «Special date» event type as your flow start, when you need to start the sequence when the «Date» variable on the mailing list gets a specific value.

After you have chosen this event for the flow start, its type, ID of the tracked mailing list and flow start parameters will be displayed on the flow start block. 
Such a flow start is usually used to send clients messages on their special dates or to inform customers about expiry of their subscription.
Naturally, the tracked mailing list must contain that variable. 

Special date

«Contact webhook» event

This event type tracks actions of subscribers, who have somehow reacted to an email: opened it or clicked a link in the message.
Refer to this article for a more detailed explanation of how webhooks work.

Flow start block, in this case, will display the event type and ID of the tracked mailing list:

Contact webhook

«Change variable» event

Pick this event type to start the flow when value of a specific variable on the mailing list changes. 

User must specify a mailing list that will be monitored for updates.

This event type also offers an option to set a specific value for the variable to trigger the flow start when the variable gets it: 

Variable changed

Start by a custom event

An event is a condition set up by the user, a sort of a webhook, that is integrated by the user on their end; the user then must send the event to SendPulse to trigger the flow start.

Events may have various variables, but variables «email» or «phone» are compulsory.

This event type has an option to use variables from the mailing list — for instance, if clients' names are on the list, but custom event can't transfer these details to SendPulse. So, if the user is able to transfer corresponding clients' phone or email, other details, like name, will be taken from the mailing list automatically.

To set the flow start by a custom event, click «Add new event»:

Add new event

This way you will open the Event Manager.
Click «Add new event»:

Event Manager

Now either pick an event from the list: Abandoned cart, Registration, Purchase, or select «Custom event»:

Custom event

Variables «email» and «phone» are locked as they are obligatory ones, but users can set up other variables for the event: they specify variables' names and their format.
Click «Add variable» to add one that is not on the list or pre-set variables.

Events log offers preset variables for several event types:

«Abandoned cart»

Abandoned cart

«Registration» event type:


«Purchase» event type:


Custom events are set up by users:

Custom events

After the event setup is complete, user will receive a link to send the event to:

Custom event link

New event will be displayed in the Event Manager, where users can delete, turn on and off or edit it:
New event options

Custom events are displayed in the flow builder in the events list:

List of events

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