How to set a conversion count

Conversion in automation is the achievement of a goal. There are various goals possible:

  • Open email
  • Click 
  • Purchase
  • Any other you have created

How can you calculate conversion? It can be done in two ways.

Method 1. Using a block “Goal”

First, you should create an event ― the goal you want to achieve. For example, “Purchase.” Read here how to create an event.

Now, create the automation flow. Read here how to create an automation flow.

After sending block email, SMS or web push, you need to add a “Condition” block. In the block labeled “Condition,” choose the event “Purchase” (or any other you need, and which was already created).

Then, add the block “Goal” under option “yes” (in the “Condition” block) and name it correspondingly with the goal (event) you want to achieve.

Now, everyone who made a purchase after reading your email will be counted as a conversion.

With the help of this method, you can set any amount of conditions and goals within one automation flow.

Method 2. 

Create an event, in other words, what you want to achieve. For example, “Purchase.” Read how to create an event here.

Now create an automation flow. On the first step in the editor, on the right backboard, you will see the inscription “Stop series by event.” Activate it.

Then you will see the list of events you have created and the inscription “Count as a conversion.” Choose the appropriate event and activate “Count as a conversion.”

Now, immediately after the chosen event triggers, the sending of all messages to the particular user related to that event will stop, and he will be counted as a conversion.

When using this method, conversion (achieving the goal) can happen only once. After it triggers, the automation flow stops for the particular user.

The number of conversions and the total of all the conversions for the automation flow can be seen in the automation flow itself:


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