SMS element in Automation 360

Available with a paid pricing plan, as well as during the 7-day free trial

With the SMS element, you can include SMS campaigns in your automation flow.

Let’s talk about how you can add and set up the SMS element.

Add an element

Drag and drop the SMS element from the left panel to your workspace. Link it with an element after which you need to send an SMS campaign.

You can also change your element name to differentiate between elements. Click the Element name option, and enter your new name in the field.

Specify your sending time

Specify when you want to send your SMS campaign. You can select the Right away option to send the message immediately, choose the After option to delay the sendout, or select Exact time or Exact time and date to set the time yourself.

Read more: Element (Block) Execution Time.

Select a sender

Some countries and operators require Sender ID registration.

Read also: How to register an SMS Sender ID.

Enter your message text

The service supports any Unicode characters. You can use Latin or Cyrillic letters. One message includes 160 Latin characters or 70 Unicode characters.

You can also add variables and send different information to each recipient. To do this, click {{}} to the right of the data entry dialog, and select a variable from the mailing list.

In the Flow start element, you can select a condition that will start your flow. If you have selected:

You can also add an unsubscribe link.

Click Apply to save the settings, and continue building your flow.

View element statistics

To view information about an element, exit the editor, and hover over the required element in the Flow tab.

Your element can have the following statuses:

Expects Contacts are waiting for the element execution time you set in the Complete Action settings, or contacts are waiting to be processed.
Done Your message was sent to the recipient with the specified phone number.
Delivery Your message was delivered to the recipient with the specified phone number.

To receive the Delivery status, your recipient's phone must be in the network coverage area.

To view detailed statistics, click an element. A panel will open on the right. At the top, you can see your total number of sent and delivered SMS campaigns and errors.

Below, you can filter, download, and view contacts to whom your SMS campaigns were sent and see their delivery status change dates.

You can also click an element ID and start editing the element.

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