How to Create an Automation that Starts When a Variable Value Changes

You can set a condition for starting an autoflow by changing the value of a variable in a mailing list. For example, you can send emails if the user has changed their city or other data.

How to Add a Flow Start Condition

Go to "Automations360" section and click Create automation.

Select the condition "Change variable" to start the flow.

Select the mailing list in which you want to track changes to a variable value.

Select the variable.

Select the condition: trigger the autoflow when the variable changes to any value or to a specific value. If you selected "Concrete value," insert that value.

Variables are case-sensitive. Insert the value exactly as you want the flow to run.

Click Apply and continue customizing automation by adding elements to filter data and send messages.

After you finish creating the automation, click Save and Run.

How to Run an Automation

To start the variable change flow, you can change the variable manually in the desired mailing list or use the API methods: "Change variable value for an existing contact," "Change variable value for contacts," and "Update variable list by multiple contacts."

Note: Starting a flow does not work if you update variables by uploading contacts with a file or using the "Add email addresses to mailing list," "Add phones to mailing list without variables," and "Add phones to mailing list with variables" API methods.

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