Email campaign categories

In SendPulse email service, users can subscribe their clients to multiple email categories. At the same time, SendPulse users can suggest their clients unsubscribe from specific categories if they are not interested in specific topics — this way you can keep the subscriber instead of excluding them from your mailing lists completely.

To create email categories, log in to your SendPulse account, go to Email - Service settings menu, open the Unsubscribe pages  tab and select Email campaign categories.

Email campaign categories

Click on Add a new campaign category.

Add a new campaign category

This will open the menu where users can name a category to identify it in your account and specify the category name and category description that will be visible to subscribers:

specify the category name and category description

Add proper texts and hit Save.

SendPulse users can edit or delete email categories:

edit or delete email categories

Once categories added, you can select a category for an emails campaign. And if a client has unsubscribed from that category, or if the client had never subscribed to it, their email address will be excluded from the campaign.
If you send a campaign «without category», emails will be sent to all subscribers from the mailing list, except for those who have unsubscribed from specific categories.

select a category

When your subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link in your email, they will have a choice to either unsubscribe from all of your emails or to pick the categories they are not interested in:

subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link

If a client unsubscribes from specific email categories, this is how the unsubscribe confirmation messages will look like:

unsubscribe confirmation message


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