How to Create Email Campaign Categories

To create email categories, login to your SendPulse account, go to Email - Service settings menu, open the Unsubscribe pages tab, and select Email campaign categories.

Email campaign categories

Click on Add a new campaign category.

Add a new campaign category

This will open the menu where users can name a category to identify it in your account and specify the category name and category description that will be visible to subscribers:

specify the category name and category description

Add proper texts and hit Save.

SendPulse users can edit or delete email categories:

edit or delete email categories

Once categories are added, you can select a category for an email campaign. 
If you send a campaign «without category,» emails will be sent to all subscribers from the mailing list, except for those who have unsubscribed from specific categories.

select a category

When your subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link in your email, they will have a choice to either unsubscribe from all of your emails or to pick the categories they are not interested in:

subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link

If a client unsubscribes from specific email categories, this is how the unsubscribe confirmation messages will look like:

unsubscribe confirmation message


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