Triggered email is an email sent to the authorized person, depending on his behavior on your website. Having analyzed the work of your online shop, for example, you know when you are likely to lose your customers, therefore you can prevent them from unsubscribing, sending a motivating email with the help of a triggered email.

Example of triggered email

So, triggered emails are used for:

  • Attracting new customers;
  • Saving your current client base;
  • Conversion increase.

The distinctive feature of a triggered email lies in the fact that it is not planned for bulk email sending but serves as a reaction or feedback for the actions of a particular person.

Triggered emails can include the information concerning the delivery status, birthday greeting, reminder about the goods left in the shopping cart, etc. Triggered email is one of the elements of marketing automation. They allow to stay in contact with a client. The main purpose is not to let a potential client leave your website.

First of all, you have to determine the purpose and according to it develop the strategy. Besides, you should decide the number of emails you will send, their sequence and choose the days and time, during which you will send them.

Types of triggered emails

  1. Welcome emails. This email is sent immediately after the first contact with the company, after the registration for example.
  2. Incorporation. This email is sent to the users who have subscribed but have not set up an account.
  3. Early activation. This email should is sent if your customers have created an account, but have not started purchasing.
  4. Reactivation. Your users may stop responding or clicking, in this case, the triggered email is to the point.
  5. Remarketing. Your users may leave the goods in the shopping bag and forget about them. Your email will remind them about an abandoned shopping cart.
  6. Personal events.  Show that you care about your users. Congratulate them on their birthdays.
  7. Transactional. These emails include various types of confirmations: purchase, order, shipping, return.

Below is the example of a remarketing triggered email.

Remarketing triggered email

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