A transactional email is an email message that is sent automatically as a response to a user’s actions. 

Transactional email

When send transactional emails

  • When a subscriber places an order. This transactional email is sent after a user clicked "Buy." The email usually contains order details, such as the order number; its date; and the price, including delivery.
  • Shipping confirmation. This transactional email assures a client that their purchase is on its way with all the shipping details, including the time and place.
  • Follow-up emails are sent to express gratitude for making a purchase. This email is a part of your business communication that shows clients that you care about their buying experience. This is a chance to ask their opinion or to ask them to leave feedback about your products.

Why send transactional emails

  • According to statistics reports, transactional email open rates can be three times higher than commercial emails.
  • The average revenue per transactional email is 2-5 times higher than standard commercial mailings.
  • Subscribers tend to open transactional emails more often than usual emails.

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