A transactional email is an email message that is sent automatically as a response to a user’s actions. 

Transactional email

It is useful to set sending transactional emails in the following cases:

  • When a new subscriber is added to your mailing list. In this case a transactional letter confirmation of subscription will be sent.
  • When a subscriber places an order. This transactional email is sent after a user clicked a digital button that is labeled "Buy." The email usually contains order details, such as the order number; its date; and the price, including delivery.
  • Shipping confirmationThis transactional email assures a client that his/her purchase is on its way with all the shipping details, including the time and place.
  • Follow-up emails are sent to express gratitude for making a purchase. This email is a part of your business communication that shows clients that you care about their buying experience. This is a chance to ask their opinion or to ask them to leave feedback about your products.
  • Abandoned shopping cart. This transactional email is sent when a user places products in their shopping cart but didn’t complete their order. The goals of this email are getting clients back to their shopping carts and persuading them to complete the purchase.

Why should you send transactional emails in your email marketing campaign?

  • According to statistics reports, transactional email open rates can be three times higher than commercial emails.
  • The average revenue per transactional email is 2-5 times higher than standard commercial mailings.
  • Subscribers tend to open transactional emails more often than usual emails.

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