An email lead is a prospective customer who has expressed interest in a product, service, or brand and has opted in for marketing emails from the business. The lead’s email address is usually collected through a subscription form, direct chat, or phone.

Leads have the potential to become future clients. So, once a lead shares their contact information, the business should embark on an email campaign to convert them into buyers. The percentage of converted prospects from the total amount of generated leads makes up the conversion rate.

The lecturer from HubSpot Academy provides tactics on how to convert leads. Watch it to draw inspiration!

Why is email lead generation important

Despite the emergence of new communication channels, email is still a popular and reliable channel for marketers to reach and engage with target audiences. Why focus on email lead generation?

  • It brings high ROI: for every $1 spent on email marketing, $38 is generated.
  • It’s a way to collect better quality leads.
  • It offers an opportunity to build better relationships with customers.
  • Email provides an easy way to inform prospects about new offers, deals, products, events, or services.

Email lead generation best practices

An email marketing service is a must when planning to generate email leads. This service helps automate routine tasks and improve email marketing performance with the help of professional instruments. Here are ways to generate leads for free.

Signup form on a website or blog and an attractive lead magnet

Adding a subscription form with an enticing lead magnet on a website or blog is an easy way to turn site visitors into subscribers. Get email leads for free with SendPulse by creating branded subscriptions forms using pre-designed templates.

Signup form

Below is a subscription form created with a functional SendPulse form builder.

After abandoning a shopping cart

Such email is a good method to reduce the number of loss of sales. Why should you miss a chance to remind the clients about the products they’ve added to their carts? If a lead had entered their email address but didn’t buy, send them this kind of email and enjoy additional sales.

Check out how Bonobos makes use of an abandoned cart email campaign.

Abandoned cart email

Offer users to subscribe from social media

Reinforce your email marketing with social media. If a big part of your audience is made up on socials, don’t miss an opportunity to turn them into email leads. All you need is to add a sign-up form on your brand profile. Facebook is a good place to start.

Social media

How to nurture email leads

Not all leads end up buying, and sometimes it’s because the business has not taken steps to nurture them. So, here are some ways to nurture leads:

  • Qualify, and segment leads. Generate email leads with SendPulse, then qualify them according to their gender, age, location, preferences, stage in the sales funnel. SendPulse offers pre-made segments based on user activity so you don’t need to specify the conditions manually.
  • Send drip email campaigns. It will help you both educate subscribers wisely and save time. Drip email campaign is an email series made in advance to slightly move email leads down the sales funnel. You only need to craft it once and it will be sent automatically after a user joins your mailing list.
  • Automate email sending. Nurturing an email lead with a unique email campaign is rather a time-consuming and tedious task. You no longer need to craft a unique offer for all the users. Just set email automation once and track the results. With SendPulse Automation 360, you can create an event-based automation flow that will start for every user individually and nurture them with a right offer at the right time.
  • Facilitate multi-channel marketing. You’re not limited to email marketing. Make use of several channels to increase your outreach. For example, inform subscribers about the news and updates via push notifications, notify of transaction statuses via SMS, offer help in chatbots. All that made possible in SendPulse. Combine four channels on one marketing platform!

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