Customer Relationship Management is an approach to doing business that allows you to analyze, control, and improve all the interactions with clients. This approach is based on software (CRM systems) that is developed to automate cooperation with clients.

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The CRM system compiles all the information about clients, including the website, their telephone number or email address, live chat, social network messages, and the list of previous purchases, among others. You can manage your customer relations by considering information that was stored in the CRM system.

Advantages of CRM systems

Unified database of contacts

It stores all of your clients, contacts, and prospects in one central source. That's why it is easy to look for numbers, names, and addresses.

No missed deadlines

The CRM system compiles client and work deadlines, so every department engaged in cooperation will better establish priorities in job planning.

No need to print documents

With the CRM system, you can attach any file you need to your client's record.

Relevant marketing campaigns

The CRM system stores the list of purchases your client made. You can create automated campaigns that are based on a client's history, for example, sending email campaigns dedicated to their abandoned cart where clients leave the store without completing their purchases.

You can send relevant email campaigns based on the data that is generated by your CRM due to the integration that email services usually provide. 

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