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How to make a publication in SendPulse blog

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Would you like to share your email marketing experience and knowledge with readers of SendPulse blog? We have prepared a guide on what to write about, how to draw up a copy, and whom to send your article.

Who read us

We write for entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium-sized businesses, who want to promote their business through email and internet marketing. Our blog has 20,000 unique visitors per month.

Topics for articles

  • Building of and working with mailing lists
  • Email series
  • How to earn customers’ loyalty
  • Sales improvement
  • Working with email marketing analytics
  • Tips on email design and layout
  • Content marketing, copywriting
  • Email marketing and content marketing strategies
  • Characteristics of email marketing in different business sectors
  • Marketing cases — both wins and fails
  • Messenger and web push campaigns
  • How to combine SMM and email campaigns
  • List of useful tools experienced first-hand

Quality and value of a copy

We respect our readers, so all submitted materials should be written with the use of proper English. We don’t accept asyntactic copies and materials with grammar mistakes.

The key goal of an article is to bring value. Refrain from describing obvious things and generally known facts. Instead, share knowledge that the readers can use in practice. Substantiate your statements with statistics or proper data by means of an anchor link to a source or charts. Presentation of facts as infographic is welcomed.

Provide examples for visibility. Don’t include useless images from photo stocks or illustrations unrelated to the topic of an article just to break up the text.

How to draw up an article

Set out your thoughts logically and sequentially. Split the text into paragraphs of 5-7 lines for better readability. Create a solid structure of your article and use the second and third level headings in Google Docs. Employ simple and numbered lists. Submit a document as a link to Google doc with editing access.


It is allowed to add no more than 2 links to the article body, provided that it is required in view of the narrative logic. We add links to author’s website and social media in the author’s information field.

Author’s information

Write 2-4 sentences about the article’s author and send a photo no more than 5 MB.

Where to send

Send a finished copy to the Blog Editor, Nastya Roshchinskaya, If you don’t have a finished copy and want to coordinate the topic, contact the Editor.

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