A feedback request email is a message that gathers qualitative opinions from customers after attending an event, buying a product, using the service. It contributes to building customer loyalty and helps marketers gather valuable insights and use them to improve the product.

A feedback request email is a common practice among companies that sell products and services. This email lets them find out what their clients appreciate the most about the brand as well as the things which need improvements — that is a win-win solution for everyone. Besides, there’s no need to research your competitors’ offers to discover the advantages because all you need is to ask the clients. Believe it, they will be happy to help you and will be pleased that you care.

Why are feedback request emails important?

  • It helps marketers understand the problems that customers face when using their products
  • It allows a company to discover new opportunities
  • It lets businesses improve their products and services
  • It contributes to building customer loyalty

A feedback request email is essential for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It helps marketers understand the problems that customers face when using their products. With these emails, marketers can learn about the issues that customers face when interacting with their products. In turn, they can offer education and customer training to help people understand how to use a company’s features effectively.
  • It allows a company to discover new opportunities. By gathering feedback from customers, a marketer can unearth new ways customers are utilizing particular goods or services. This information can then help them identify and pursue new avenues for growth.
  • It lets businesses improve their products and services. Given that customers interact more with a company’s goods and services, they able to offer suggestions on how those things can be improved. And when companies implement this feedback, they get more customers to stick around and entice more prospects to convert.
  • It contributes to building customer loyalty. Clients appreciate brands that care. A loyal client whose opinion is valuable to a business is unlikely to choose the competitors’ product.

How to Write a Feedback Request Email

  1. Use personalization
  2. Reveal what the feedback is for
  3. Include a clear CTA
  4. Write short and specific emails
  5. Write a relevant subject line
  6. Offer an incentive

Creating an excellent feedback request email is key to collecting valuable information from customers. That said, here are some tips for crafting a superb feedback request email:

  1. Use personalization. Personalizing a feedback request email shows the reader that the sender is explicitly interested in their feedback. In turn, it increases the chances of getting a response from the recipient. At least, use personalization tags in the greeting, in essence, “Dear Anne Doe.”
  2. Reveal what the feedback is for. Marketers should tell their customers why the feedback request emails are essential in addition to what they plan to do with the information they collect. This way, they provide the recipients with reasons to give their feedback, thus, increasing the number of responses.
  3. Include a clear CTA (call-to-action). Feedback request emails should have clear CTAs so that the readers can quickly determine what to do next. It is especially useful when linking to an external survey.
  4. Write short and specific emails. Great feedback request emails are brief and get straight to the point. Generally, the fewer questions, the more responses from customers will provide. Apart from that, the email should specify what the feedback is about.
  5. Write a relevant subject line. Useful emails have the right words. Including words such as “Urgent,” “Invitation,” and “Invited” will yield better results. Moreover, providing a time estimate in the subject line will show the reader that they are not up for a lengthy process; hence, enticing them to participate.
  6. Offer an incentive. By offering rewards, customers will be encouraged to respond to feedback response emails. It shows them that they are essential and that their time is valuable. Some of the incentives a business can offer are gift cards, actual products, exclusive product discounts, etc.

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How can you send a feedback request email with SendPulse?

The answer is — automatically! You no longer need to track every client’s journey because SendPulse offers Automation 360 features. It allows users to set the event that will trigger sending of a feedback request email so that customers will receive it automatically after they buy from you.

Feedback request email
Feedback request email sent in 3 days after the purchase

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Feedback Request Email Examples

Here is a feedback request email from Shopify. It tells the reader why the survey is useful and specifies the deadline for the activity.

Feedback request email

Next is a feedback request email from Dollar Shave Club containing a pop quiz asking the subscriber about their shaving experience. It seeks feedback to help create a product that solves razor irritation.

Feedback request email

A feedback request email from Biscuiteers is asking a user to review their services.

Feedback request email

Feedback Request Email Tips

To wrap it up, below are the useful tips to have in mind when sending feedback request emails:

  • Send feedback request emails immediately after the event to ensure that the recipient still has a clear memory to offer a proper response.
  • Specify how long the process will take.
  • Tell the audience how you will use their feedback to benefit them.
  • Ask again after you improve to make sure you understand your clients’ needs correctly.
  • Automate feedback request email sending to make it an essential part of your marketing strategy.


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Yes, and it is much more convenient than doing that manually. Register with SendPulse, set up a trigger event for a purchase, for example, and create an automation flow with a feedback request email that will be sent in two weeks after a user makes their purchase. It will give you fresh insights about the shopping experience people have with your brand, opening the way for improvements.

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