Direct email marketing

Direct email marketing is a method of email marketing, when email campaigns are sent directly to the prospects. It is aimed not only on selling goods and services.

Direct email marketing pursues certain goals:

  1. Establishing relationships with the prospects;
  2. Drawing attention of consumers;
  3. Monitoring the success of products among the clients;
  4. Tracking feedback of the customers;
  5. Increase brand awareness and customers’ loyalty;
  6. Optimization of current email marketing strategies.

To be effective, direct email marketing includes certain stages:

  1. Creating mailing lists.
  2. Email marketing strategy development.
  3. Creating a special offer.
  4. Selling products/services.

What is extremely important in direct email marketing?

Success of sales depends on the mailing lists. Product of high quality, appealing offer, well-written advertisement is of no use if send to wrong people.

Segment the audience!

You are to make much efforts to have segmented mailing lists.

Mailing list is irrelevant if:

  • There no appropriate people. Never buy mailing lists, since these people are not interested in your products. Only few of them are likely to buy something, in this case, money is spent in vain. Do your best to create segmented mailing list, learn your clients.
  • You don’t have clear idea about people in your mailing list. The more information you know about your prospects, the more chances you have to succeed.
  • You don’t give attention to details. For example, you sell fur coats to vegetarians. Is it relevant?


  • You can establish relationships with the prospects. If your segmentation is relevant, people will need your products and services.
  • You can personalize emails, it will increase email open rates.
  • You can estimate its effectivity by email open rates, click-throughs, conversions. These metrics allow to optimize your work and make it better.


  • If your mailing list isn’t correctly segmented, it won’t bring any results, thus, you’ve spent much money in vain.
  • People who are not interested in your products may not only ignore your email, but even send it to spam folder. 

Thus, make sure your emails don’t look like spam: no spam-like words, no too attractive offers, no CAPS LOCK, no exclamations marks and no coloured fonts. 

Be creative while working on your subject line!

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