How to Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Design and set up a chatbot without coding

  • icon facebook login

    Connect a Facebook profile
    to SendPulse

    Select the “Messenger” section in your SendPulse account and log in to your Facebook account.

  • icon connection page

    Choose a Facebook page

    You can add a chatbot
    to one or more Facebook page(s)
    that you manage.

  • icon collect subscribers

    Use a widget to grow your list
    of contacts

    Collect contacts for direct real-time
    interaction with a single person
    or a group of people.

Detailed Statistics on Interaction with the Chatbot

Analyze the interests of your audience. Check the number of sent and read messages as well as the number of links opened from your messages. Learn more

automation flow

Facebook Campaigns are Easy to Create, and Even Easier to Launch!

Tools for building an intelligent chatbot
in Facebook Messenger

icon tool

RSS autopost

Send news, alerts of new posts from RSS feed.

icon tool


Schedule messages and have them sent on a specific day and time.

icon tool

Detailed statistics

Evaluate results of campaigns you send in Facebook chat.

icon tool

Email and phone request

Use diverse communication channels on a single platform.

icon tool

Message preview

Get a quick look at how
your message is displayed
on different screens.

icon tool

Chatbot flow test

Verify a message flow by sending it to yourself.

icon tool

Chat panel

Don’t miss a message.
Open the panel that allows
monitoring bots and chats.

icon tool


Build the logic of the bot in response to keywords in the dialogue.

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