Facebook Messenger Chatbot Examples to Learn from in 2024

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Examples to Learn from in 2024

Businesses are struggling to get customers on their sides, and the battle hasn’t become easier in 2024. One way to improve customer experience and boost sales is to lower the response time using chats. Cue artificial intelligence and Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing.

For example, did you know that 69% of total chatbot chats are resolved from start to finish? It seems like chatbots not only help business owners sell their products and services, but also increase customer loyalty and resolve issues swiftly.

Now, let’s see some examples of chatbots businesses use to engage with their customers.

Before you start: Make sure to check out our video about building and deploying a chatbot.

Facebook chatbot example #1: Tasks

Tasks is a chatbot for a group of people who are trying to organize their activities together. Tasks allows its users to create a shared list with their friends where everyone can make their own edits.

Task chatbot example

What can you learn from the Tasks chatbot example?

  • Skip the long intro, get straight to the point. The Tasks chatbot was designed for time-management and productivity purposes, and the company follows this principle even with their introduction. Users won’t see an extremely long message that doesn’t fit a smartphone screen. The message is simple, clear, and concise.
  • Provide an option to share updates with friends and family. Justification for this option fully depends on a chatbot’s function. However, if this opportunity makes sense and seems to be helpful for users, it’s better to have it.

Facebook chatbot example #2: Realtor.Chat

Realtor.Chat is an example of how a real estate chatbot should work. It’ll ask users only relevant questions to get a better understanding of the person’s goals. As you can see from the example below, this chatbot works for both buyers and for real estate agents.

Realtor.Chat chatbot example

What can you learn from the Realtor.Chat chatbot example?

  • Offer to check helpful assets as an additional source of information. If a chatbot is customizable, it’s necessary to teach users how they can change a chatbot according to their needs. Save their time and provide them with the link right away. They’ll thank you for being so thoughtful.
  • Structure your message. The rule is simple: one thought for one paragraph. Emojis also help to build a structure.

Facebook chatbot example #3: Original Cost Clothing

Original Cost Clothing offers apparel. Using their Facebook chatbot, users can get ideas, recommendations, or they even buy an item right from the chat. This is an example of how business owners can improve user experience and make shopping extremely comfortable and less time-consuming.

Original Cost Clothing chatbot example

What can you learn from the Original Cost Clothing chatbot example?

  • Integrate the online store with your chatbot. Making the selling process as simple as possible is what business owners should do in 2024. An opportunity to buy right from a chatbot is what the doctor ordered.
  • Give an opportunity to talk to a real person, too. Chatbots are time-savers for both businesses and customers, but some questions can be handled only in a person-to-person approach. So, it’s better to give users a choice by adding the “Talk to an agent” button, just in case.

Facebook chatbot example #4: Job Bot

The Job Bot was designed to help people find work. Everyone who has ever been on the job hunt knows how stressful it can be. The icing on the cake is that the Job Bot offers its users only relevant options.

Job Bot chatbot example

What can you learn from the Job Bot example?

  • Explain the functionality. Some bots have complicated functionality. In this case, it’s better to explain to users all the options they have so they get the most out of the chatbot.
  • Save the results. Chatbots provide their users with helpful information, so it’s a good idea to add an option for users to store the answers and get back to them any time in the future.
  • Seamless experience. Job Bot lets its users apply for a job right in Facebook Messenger.
  • Set a reminder. Notifications distract people from what they are doing, so it’s handy to set a reminder and pick preferences on the frequency of notifications.

Facebook chatbot example #5: Christopher Bot

Christopher Bot was created for students who want to track their workload. It helps to create a schedule so students know which deadlines are close and how to prioritize their tasks correctly.

Christopher Bot chatbot example

What can you learn from the Christopher Bot example?

  • Do not sell anything; just help people. Not all chatbots are designed to help businesses sell something. Some of them are designed to simplify people’s lives. With no ads it does nothing to distract students from studying.
  • Make navigation simple. There’s no need to add extra buttons — just the one. In the case of Christopher Bot, it’s a link that leads users to the form where they can fill in their schedule. After that, the bot sends reminders accordingly.

Facebook chatbot example #6: SpotifyCares

When using this or that service, at some point, all of us face a situation when we’ve got a question and it’s hard to find an answer. Spotify came up with a solution — it is SpotifyCares, their Facebook chatbot. Basically, it’s a support chat where you can get your answer: either the bot will give you the answer or it will point you to the right article.

SpotifyCares chatbot example

What can you learn from the SpotifyCares chatbot example?

  • Give a short answer first. Firstly, the chatbot answered the question, and after that, it offered a link with all the information to answer the user’s question and details about Spotify’s pricing. It’s a perfect example of how an answer can be both helpful and discreetly salesy.
  • Give the answer quickly. Quick relevant answers is the point of any chatbot, and SpotifyCares is great at it.

Facebook chatbot example #7: DECEN Muebles Infantiles

The DECEN Facebook Messenger chatbot is an example of a local business using a chatbot. It’s a Mexican store, so the bot’s language is Spanish. However, with emojis and knowledge of English, it’s not hard to understand what is going on there.

DECEN Muebles Infantiles chatbot example

What can you learn from the DECEN chatbot example?

  • Use emojis to make your message clearer. DECEN shows us that emojis can help understand the message and pick the right point even if a user is not familiar with the language and there is no way to switch to English.
  • Offer various options that lead to sales. Some people know exactly what they want to buy from this or that store. In this case, you should offer them categories. If a person is not sure what they are looking for, send them to your catalog. And it is never a bad idea to give a discount.

Facebook chatbot example #8: 13chats

The 13chats bot was designed to help people get up to speed on the service. It provides easy-to-understand information about the service with a step-by-step explanation of how to set up a chatbot.

13chats chatbot example

What can you learn from the 13chats chatbot example?

  • Send a walkthrough guide. Use your bot to provide basic information about your service. This way, you will introduce the capabilities of your service and encourage new users to get started with it asap.
  • Receive requests for a demo. Strike the iron while it’s hot — invite users to dig deeper into your service while you have their attention. Offer a free demo to show people how to use your service in more detail and suggest any further assistance.

Facebook chatbot example #9: Florence Chat

Florence is a health assistant that reminds people to take their medicine on time and to buy more in advance. Users need to set the time and frequency for their reminders. It also works as a health tracker; users can track the changes.

Florence chatbot example

What can you learn from the Florence Chat chatbot example?

  • Add buttons anywhere it’s suitable. When a chatbot asks a question, there are two ways to answer it: to type the answer or to choose from the quick reply buttons. Obviously, it’s easier just to tap on the button.
  • Ask relevant questions. Sometimes it’s necessary to ask dozens of questions to be able to paint the whole picture. In this case, the questions should be consistent and relevant. It should be clear for users why they were asked a question.

Facebook chatbot example #10: Instalocate

Instalocate is an artificial intelligence (AI) personal travel assistant. It helps users to keep track of their travels, not miss flights, and book a cab in advance.

Instalocate chatbot example

What can you learn from the Instalocate chatbot example?

  • Provide integrations with third-party services. Instalocate track flights and has updates concerning delays and planes’ locations. It’s also possible to book Lyft using the chatbot.

Facebook chatbot example #11: Marriott Careers

The Marriott Careers chatbot was designed to help users find a job with Marriott International. The company manages dozens of brands and it offers various opportunities for career development all over the world. To help their potential employees discover jobs, Marriott created their Facebook chatbot.

Marriott Careers chatbot example

What can you learn from the Marriott Careers chatbot example?

  • Tell users about your business. For employees, it is important to know what it is like to work in this or that company. So, it’s a good idea to share the values of your company.
  • Get a confirmation of the action a user does. Make sure everything the user typed is correct and that everyone is on the same page.

Facebook chatbot example #12: UNICEF USA

UNICEF saves and protects the lives of children by supporting UNICEF’s work through fundraising, advocacy, and education in the United States. They also have a chatbot that is designed to help the company find fundraisers, volunteers, and let people know what the fund’s mission is and how people can help the children.

UNICEF USA chatbot example

What can you learn from the UNICEF chatbot example?

  • As a non-profit organization you can use Facebook chatbots for fundraising. A Facebook chatbot is another opportunity to contact the fund. UNICEF offers various options, and one of them is to start a Facebook fundraiser.

How to create a Facebook chatbot

After reading the article, it’s easier to understand what to expect from a chatbot. Probably, you’ve even created a list of tools that appeal to you the most. The only question remains: how can I create a Facebook chatbot?

The answer is simple: integrate SendPulse Facebook Chatbot with your Facebook page and create an auto-reply flow. And there’s a bonus — it requires no coding. Yes, that simple 😉

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