How to send scheduled emails

Step 1: Create an email campaign

Fill in all necessary details. Continue and use the drag-and-drop editor to create a structure. Add text and images into the elements. Click on “Save and continue” and it will move you to the “Parameters check”.

Here’s detailed instruction on how to create an email campaign.

Create a campaign

Step 2: Set sending time

Decide when you want your campaign to be automatically launched. Click on “Send message on” and choose date and time for sending.

Set sending time

Step 3: Set the Time Zone

If you are sending an email campaign to a people which are in another time zone, you need to change the time zone settings. Click on time zone information in parentheses under the “Sending time” options and your Account settings will open in a new tab. Find the “Time zone” menu and select the desired time zone.

Set time zone

Step 4: Schedule email campaign

Fill in all necessary data. Click on “Schedule” at the bottom of the “Parameters check.”


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