SMS gateway – is an interface that allows to send SMS without using a mobile phone. SMS is transformed into an email or HTTP-requests and vice versa and this is convenient both for the sender and the recipient. Applying SMS gateway allows to conduct mobile marketing.

SMS gateway usage

  • Informing clients about intakes of orders, sales and discounts;
  • Creating brand awareness;
  • Saving money on advertising without losing clients;
  • Interaction with the customers while evaluating the service quality.

With the help of SMS gateway, it’s possible to resolve the problem of customers’ feedback. Clients can send their remarks, complaints and suggestions on development to the company.

Besides, using SMS gateway you can conduct a survey among your target audience. This is a great chance to learn your clients’ opinion and optimize you work for the better with minimum costs.

Kinds of SMS gateways for bulk SMS campaigns

  • Web2SMS. It is based on sending messages from the web-sites to mobile phones. Such gateways allow to use additional functions and apps;
  • SMS2Email. This kind allows to send messages via email.
  • SMS2Skype. It’s possible to send messages to Skype with the help of special gateways.

The main advantage of SMS gateway is that you can connect to it almost through any protocol, for example, HTTP, XML, SOAP, SMTP. Using SMTP, all the necessary information will be shown in the account.

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