Email spam checker is a service that runs your email through the spam filters detecting issues like a blacklisted IP-address or email domain, inappropriate email contents, etc., which might cause your message ending up in spam.

Plain and simple: an email gone to spam harms your email deliverability, which, in its turn, entails your sender reputation, and endangers all your email marketing efforts. Ending up in spam is the worst case scenario, so it’s a bit of luck there is software to check your emails on spam before actually sending.

Why should I use an email spam checker

  • To positively influence sender reputation. Email template design, copy, CTAs are only the top of the email marketing iceberg. Understanding the very bottom — sophisticated concepts like sender score, authentification, email domain, blacklists, etc., which form your sender reputation, is a must for getting more control over your email strategy.
  • To improve email deliverability. Email spam checker sheds light on some weak points your email strategy might have like lame authentification or poor email content, showing the ways how to conquer a place in your client’s inbox.
  • To increase the quality of emails for both ESPs and recipients. Delivering your message to the recipients’ inboxes is a hard craft since nearly 45% of all emails go to spam. This level of competition requires keeping up with the high standards of technical and marketing aspects of sending emails. Email spam checker enables you to up the bar for both.

What does an email spam checker do

To run a test, an email spam checker sends a copy of your email through its accounts on popular email service providers and analyzes received data. Let’s have a closer look at how the average email spam checker works:

  1. Tests authentification. It checks whether or not your email passes DKIM, SPF, and DMARC authentification. In short, these are validation principles created to reduce and prevent email spamming and phishing.
  2. Runs your IP/domain through blacklists. Email spam checker verifies if any blacklist mentions your IP-address or an email domain.
  3. Runs a Spam Assassin check. Spam Assassin is an email spam filtering program, which is used as an independent spam filtering application or a subordinate part to other spam filtering programs.
  4. Checks email content. Email spam checker analyzes the email text regarding spammy words and ensures the size of the email is appropriate.

Which email spam checker to use

Search engine results suggest there are many email spam checkers with different functionality and pricing plans. Here are three easy-to-understand email spam checkers:

Mail-Tester. This email spam checker runs your emails through SpamAssassin, verifies authentification details, checks the message concerning the viruses and the right email format, proves no blacklists mention you, and detects broken links. One word — multifunctional. Mail-Tester also gives your email a score from 0 to 10 points and provides with lots of useful insights and details.


ISnotSPAM. This service is free. Like in Mail-Tester, you need to send your test email to the copied random address and see the report in a minute, without getting so many details, though.


Postmark. It is also a free service, and it allows you to insert the code of your email and get the SpamAssassin score.

How to check emails for spam

Let’s take Mail-Tester as an example since it not only provides with the most comprehensive answer on the question “does my email go to spam?” but gives helpful feedback.

Step 1: Create your email campaign

With SendPulse you can create an email with HTML editor, drag-and-drop template builder, or make use of a template library. Avoid using spammy words in your subject line, preheader text, and copy.

Create an email campaign

Step 2: Copy the random email address and send a test email to it

Each time you reload the page, this email spam checker provides you with a new address. Copy it and send an email to run the test.

Send a test email

Step 3. Examine the results

If your email gets the low score, that’s for a reason, so try to find out by clicking on every parameter with negative numbers to change your email for the better.

Examine the results

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