Customize the subscription request window

Users can set up a custom design for push notifications in «Push-My websites» menu:

мои сайты

If you use SendPulse desktop notifications on several websites, open the «My websites»  drop-down menu to pick the one you will be setting up notifications design for:

список сайтов

Open «Website settings»

настройки сайта

proceed to «Subscription request» tab.

типы запросов

There are three types of notification requests available:

  1. Requests that pop up when a visitor opens the website — «by opening website»,
  2. Requests that come up when site visitors click a button or a link — «by clicking the element»,
  3. «With a custom request» type.

типы запросов

If you select the «By opening website» type, there is an option to add a prompt message and to set up the notification delay time (so that the suggestion to subscribe will come up after a site visitor spends some time on the web page)

запрос подписки

If you go with the «By clicking the element» type, the system will provide a code you will need to add to the website element:

код для елемента сайта

Subscription requests «With a customer request» offer four styles of the notification:

1. «Lightbox»

Users can edit the notification title, the text of notification body, set a color for the background of the message, color of its text and color of the buttons. 
Also you can set up the notification delay time and select the language of the text on the buttons.

тип лайтбокс

2. «Topline» type

Edit the request body, set the background, text and button colors, specify the request delay time and pick the language for the message buttons to customize subscription requests of this type.  

тип панель

3. «Safari-like» style

Subscription request of this type can be customized the following way — edit the message title and body, set the delay time and pick the buttons language:

тип Safari

4. «Floating button» type
Users can edit the title and the body of the subscription request, set colors for the button and for the icon as well as specify the message delay time:

плавающая кнопка


As soon as you finish customizing the subscription requests, click «Save» to confirm the changes.

*Note, that users of the free web push plan have the SendPulse logo added on the subscription request box, so should you want to have the logo removed, upgrade your account.




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