How to Add Push Notifications to a Website

Web push notifications are a great chance to promote an online business. Inform your clients about recent updates, sales, new offers, and maximize revenue for free. Find out more.

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Add Your Website to Send Web Push Notifications

To add your website, select «Push» at the top, and click the «Add website.»

Add your website to send push notifications

Add information about your website, image, and choose the time for subscription requests.

Add information about your website

Notice that you can edit custom subscription requests for HTTP websites.

Go to your website settings and select the tab «Subscription request.» You can choose 1 of 5 subscription request window styles.

Follow this guide to edit the subscription request window on HTTP websites

Discover the difference between subscription requests on HTTP and HTTPS websites

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Add the Generated Code to the Website

After you have added the site to your account, you will get a code. Add it to your site.

Add generated code to your website

Monitor Subscribers

After adding the code to your website, you can monitor subscribers. To do this, select «Subscribers» for the necessary site.

Monitor subscribers

Note that subscribers who have not received any web push campaigns during three months are considered inactive. These subscribers will be automatically unsubscribed from your campaigns.

Sending a Web Push Campaign

Select «Create a push campaign.»

Send push campaign

Choose a list of recipients — lists name is the website name.

Write the title, web push text, and add a web push link.

You can see the way your web push notification will look for different browsers.

Send unlimited web push notifications with SendPulse for free if your database has fewer than 10,000 subscribers. Personalize, segment, and automate messages to get more conversions.

The way push looks in different browsers


Segment your mailing list

Add a large image and buttons to your web push campaign

Clicking the options icon, you can set push lifetime — the time frame during which your campaign can be delivered. You can also make use of send throttling — if you send it to an extensive mailing list, we recommend you to use this option to reduce the load on your website. Take advantage of adding UTM Codes for analytics.

Set push lifetime 

Your web push campaign is ready to be sent out!

Send push campaign

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