Why us

Who we are? 

SendPulse is a multichannel marketing platform with more than 320,000 registered users that offers unique AI features to optimize open rate.

What we do? 

Our main focus is creating an intuitive product that automatically improves email open rates for our customers

Our AI platform predicts when, and how subscribers prefer to receive communications, and sends them at the most convenient time and through the best channel.

How we achieve our goals?

SendPulse AI platform processes user data to automatically improve Open and click through rate based on user behavior, multiple data points, and segmentation. 

  1. Collecting data
  2. User behavior analysis 
  3. Sending newsletter at the best time and channel 

What do users get using SendPulse

Reliable communication platform (including email, sms and webpush), that offers a 70% increase in email open rates compared to any other service providers, utilizing a unique set of AI tools available only with SensPulse.

And that's SendPulse Team:

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