The drag-and-drop editor is a powerful tool that allows you to easily create emails by adding particular blocks in a template and changing the color, style, size, and location. You do not need special knowledge to work with the drag-and-drop editor. Every tool of the editor is simply arranged for editing your email template.

Elements of the drag-and-drop editor

  • text
  • picture
  • button
  • separator
  • video
  • social media
  • checkout

Drag-and-Drop editor

Tips to create a template

  • Make sure the font is large enough to be able to read comfortably. Choose font size 12-14px with a line spacing of 1.5. 
  • Set a background color that will contrast with your text font. Note that your email might be read by people with low vision; that’s why the background color should be properly selected.
  • Use big headlines and another formatting to make the text easy for skimming. 
  • When you add pictures to the drag-and-drop editor, their size will be 100%. Don’t forget to make it smaller if it is needed. It’s possible to change the size from 100% to 10%.

In the drag-and-drop editor, you will find all these settings of every block in your email template. For inspiration and better results, you could look through our templates gallery. 

Read our article on how to create your own email template with SendPulse's drag-and-drop editor.

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