User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is the original content that is created by the audience of the brand. This content can be anything, from comments to the blog and ending with photos and videos. The company can use it for their own purposes - on the site or in social networks to promote the brand, and often the UGC is much more efficient than conventional content.

The use of UGC is beneficial to both parties - both companies and users. The company benefits from a fantastic amount of fresh ideas and unique content, for the generation of which it could take many sleepless nights. In addition, most often the user content does not require a serious cash investment. And to users, the creation of UGC allows them to collaborate with their favourite brand, express themselves creatively, get various rewards and discounts for it, and even make some, even small, changes in the company. Unlike usual advertising campaigns that are focused on sales, campaigns using user content are based on honesty and sincerity.

Pros of UGC are the following:

  • Audience's confidence in the company

One of the most important bonuses that can be obtained with the use of user content is the trust of users. When you show interest in some of their thoughts, ideas, feelings, show your openness, attention and respect for them, you will cause in people a huge confidence in your company.

  • Reaching new users

When some people start to trust you, others will see it, and there is a great chance that they will be interested in your company. Here comes into effect the phenomenon of social proof, which you have probably heard of more than once.

According to a study conducted by Nielsen, 92% of users trust the content shared by their friends and relatives, more than any other messages from the brand itself. The second most important source is considered to be the opinion of strangers about a particular product.

Social proof has a strong influence on people, and with the help of it you can significantly expand your audience. Thus, UGC allows not only to strengthen relations with existing customers, but also to reach new users.

  • The viral potential

Most likely, the virality of user content will be greater than that of ordinary content, as people tend to share their creativity with friends, relatives and acquaintances.

  • Positive impact on SEO

USG also has a positive effect on SEO. KissMetrics revealed that if we consider the top 20 brands in the world, their results in the ranking by 25% are due to successful user content. This means that a large amount of organic traffic and content is associated with links to the site (mainly backlinks).

  • Encouraging users to make a purchase

The most difficult task for brands is to make people buy their products. According to the report of L2 Inc, when the user in the process of pondering the purchase faces UGC, it increases the conversion rate by 4.6%.

The main types of UGC are:

  • Comments;
  • Reviews;
  • Feedback;
  • Photos;
  • Videos;
  • Podcasts.

Creating content of high quality takes a lot of time, money and energy. Therefore, user-generated content is extremely beneficial - with the help of it, you can save a lot of money and, without much effort, get a lot of fresh and unique ideas.

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