How to send promotional email

Promotional email is the most popular type of email in marketing. Companies send it to put their products or services in front of potential customers, increasing brand awareness. Since email marketing is not only about selling, marketers try hard to keep subscribers engaged and build trustful relationships with them.

Among promotional emails like exclusive promotions, limited time offers, free delivery, new products, and features, contests, sales emails are the most commonly used, so let’s take it as an example.

Step 1: Prepare your mailing lists

Choose the appropriate segments of your mailing lists to target your promotions based on something specific people have in common — gender, country, age, preferences, place in the sales funnel, etc. Find details on how to segment mailing lists here.

SendPulse offers handy tools for a mailing list segmentation so you could deliver the most relevant promotions to each subscriber with ease.

Create a mailing list

Step 2: Create a catchy subject line

Push your imagination to its limit to create a slightly intriguing and catchy subject line that convinces the customers to open your email. Remember to monitor the open rate to ensure you do the right thing. Here are some hacks on how to create subject lines that hit the spot.

The subject line is the first thing users see when they decide to open your promotional email, so utilizing personalization, emojis, and numerals might be a good idea to stand out.

Create a subject line

Step 3: Select an editor for email building

If you are out of time and the marketing holidays are almost here, check out free pre-designed templates for Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more in our template library.

SendPulse allows you to create promotional emails with the help of an HTML editor or a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Choose the email editor which you are comfortable with.

Go to email editor

Step 4: Create email content that converts

Since the recipients’ inboxes are overcrowded with sales, discounts, and offers, the one-size-fits-all way approach does not exist for promotional emails. But still, there are a few things to increase your chances to deliver your message to the right people at the right time.

Promotional email does what it says — promotes your product, so make sure the customers see it from the most attractive angles. Write a brief copy to grab subscribers’ attention. Make your promotional email sound and look aligned with your brand image. At the email’s bottom, add a distinctive CTA leading to the relevant page on your website. Here is how to create an email campaign and some more best practices.

Create email content

Step 5: Send your promotional email

Promotional email scheduling saves your time and nerves because you can set everything beforehand and better organize your email marketing efforts — instruction on how to schedule email campaigns is here.

With SendPulse you can send an email right away or schedule it so it will be sent automatically right when you need it.

Send your promotional email

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