How to send bulk email without getting blacklisted

The answer is: choose a reliable email service with the high domain reputation. This way, you can focus on creating striking email campaigns while the service takes care about the technical side of things.

To send bulk email without getting blacklisted, one should take into account several most important factors that influence email deliverability. All of them depend on your choice of an email service. Professional email marketing platforms enjoy high reputation and have built-in features that make emails deliver.

Use a trustworthy IP address

Domain reputation is the core issue for ISPs. They use it to judge whether the sender is worth trusting. Reputation depends on blacklist status, spam complaints, bounce rate, and spam traps. Besides, the IP-address needs a nice warm-up before sending emails from it. It helps ISPs realize that the sender is not a spammer. So, your email marketing efforts will have more chances for success if you make the right choice of service. Sendpulse, as well as any other email marketing platform, takes care of IP reputation for you.

Make sure you have set up SPF-record

ISPs use SPF-record to make sure that an email campaign is legitimate. They compare the sender's ID stated in the DNS with the IP addresses allowed to email from this particular domain.

Any legitimate service has a default SPF record already set for you, but SendPulse allows you to set your own custom SPF record for free.

Use double opt-in when collecting subscribers

This is an email subscription method that ensures both legal and engaged mailing list. To join your list, users have to confirm subscription twice. This way, you're protected from invalid email addresses and spam-traps.

Let's grow your mailing list!

Make use of pre-designed double opt-in forms to build a healthy and engaged mailing list. You don't have to code or have any technical skills.

Register and create a form!

This is a must if you are a good marketer. Allow your clients to unsubscribe if they're no longer interested in your brand. This way, you will deal with the engaged audience and your sender reputation won't be damaged by spam complaints. When creating an email campaign in SendPulse, don't worry about the unsubscribe link — service includes it automatically in all the templates. But you still can create your own, that better conforms to your style and brand.

Maintain email sending frequency

Marketers tend to ask their subscribers how often they’d like to receive email campaigns. Still, it’s recommended to email at least once a month for the customers not to forget about your brand. Besides, ISPs will find it suspicious if you start bombarding your subscribers with tons of emails out of the blue.

Use an email spam checker

It is built in the drag and drop editor and provides recommendations that will help you improve your sender reputation. Follow recommendations on the subject line, preheader, email body, unsubscribe link length, stop words, etc. to create non-spammy email campaigns that are more likely to reach subscribers’ inbox.

Read how to check your emails for spam with SendPulse here.

As you see, your emails won’t have a chance to get blacklisted with SendPulse professional instruments. Find out more insights on how to send email without spamming in this article.

Happy sending!

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