Priority Time of Sending an Automation

To send an automation flow only on certain days of a week, set a priority time of sending. It can be configured for any start condition.

How it Works

A message is sent at a priority time if the time to complete the action in the message block is set to "After N days."

After sending a message is triggered, the service waits for N days, then sends a message on the closest day, that meets the conditions set in the automation options.

If there are several message blocks in a flow, and the time to complete the action is set to "After N days" only for the first one, the first message will be sent at a priority time, and other messages will be sent according to the settings of each message block. To send all the messages in a flow at a priority time, set the time to complete the action to "After N days" in each block.

How to Set a Priority Time for Sending an Automation

Start creating automation. In the automation options, specify the days and time of sending. For example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:00.

Automation options

Select a flow start condition.

Link a message block, for example, "Email," to the flow start.

Set completing the action after the required number of days, for example, "After 3 days."

Time settings in a message block

When the flow is ready, save and launch the automation.

We set up an automation with the priority time of sending on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00 and sending an email "After 3 days." Thus, for example, if the flow start is triggered on Wednesday at 14:00, the email will be sent next Monday at 10:00.

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