What is the Open Rate?

The Open Rate tells you how many of your e-mails are being opened, and it is one of the most important indicators for funneling sales through e-mail marketing. The open rate is the first figure that you should look at and work to improve. 

The higher this value, the more recipients are opening your e-mails and reading about your offers or your special prices. 

What does the Open Rate depend on?

In fact, there is no one answer to this question. First of all, what catches readers’ attention is the e-mail subject. Therefore, one could say that the subject is one (but not the only) key factor in the open rate. So, try to ensure that the subject contains the essence of the e-mail itself. You might also think of an interesting and unusual way to convey the subject. Anything unusual and out of the ordinary will draw the reader’s attention.

If you’re not sure about this or that subject, you can confidently carry out A/B testing within the SendPulse service.


What is the Click Rate?

The Click Rate is the second most important indicator in funneling sales through e-mail marketing. It represents the number of people who have clicked on your link (to go to your site, buy items, or say something). 

What affects the Click Rate?

There are a large number of things that can be mentioned here: 

  • The design of the e-mail 
    • The color range
    • The layout of elements
    • The number of buttons and their color
  • The content (text, pictures)

Any of the above-mentioned factors can influence the Click Rate. 

Analyze your data, test different variants, and get the highest performance out of your mailings.

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