How to install the WordPress plugin to add subscription forms

Using the SendPulse Email Marketing Newsletter plugin for WordPress, you can add subscription forms to your website and automatically add new subscribers to your mailing list. This plugin allows you to tailor your forms to your brand style and import contacts from WordPress into SendPulse mailing lists.

In this article, we will talk about how to install and configure the SendPulse Email Marketing Newsletter plugin.

Install the plugin in WordPress

Install the SendPulse Email Marketing Newsletter plugin in your WordPress account.

Next, select Activate to activate the plugin.

Copy your SendPulse ID and Secret

To configure the plugin, you need to copy your API data.

Go to your SendPulse account > Account Settings > API. Copy the ID and Secret.


Set up the plugin in WordPress

Paste your SendPulse ID and Secret

In your WordPress account, click the installed plugin, and select the Settings tab. Paste your copied SendPulse ID and Secret into the Client ID and Client Secret fields.


Add an address book

Select an address book from the dropdown list to import contacts.


Click Save Changes.

Set up your form in WordPress

In the SendPulse Email Marketing Newsletter plugin, go to the SendPulse Forms tab. Here, you can find available subscription forms and add them to your website.

Click Add Form.


Copy the SendPulse form code

In your SendPulse account, go to the Email tab, and click Subscription Forms. Select an existing form, or create a new one by clicking Create subscription form.

Read more: How to create a multichannel subscription form.

To copy the subscription form code, click the dropdown menu, and select Get code.


Go to the HTML tab, and click Copy code.

Whenever you edit and save your form in the builder, you need to manually update the code on your website.

Add the form code to WordPress

In your WordPress form, click Edit. In the Constructor Form Code field, paste the copied SendPulse form code.


Click Save.

Copy the shortcode

Once you add the code, WordPress will automatically create a shortcode for your form. Copy it.


Add the shortcode to a post

Paste your form shortcode into your page, and publish the changes.


The subscription form will appear on your website.

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