How to view payment statuses

All payments you accept using SendPulse services are saved to your account. This can help you track payment statuses, see who bought your products, and maintain accurate financial records.

In this article, we will talk about SendPulse’s services that allow you to accept payments from customers and how to view payment data.

SendPulse services through which you can receive payments

In SendPulse, you can use different payment options for your goods and services.


You can add a payment button to email templates and accept payments from customers through campaigns.

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You can add a payment button to your chatbot flow messages and accept payments through messaging platforms.

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You can create product payment links in your deals and contact cards and accept payments.

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You can add a payment widget to your page and accept payments through your website or bio link page.

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You can create a course registration website where students can pay to sign up.

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Where to view payment data

To view your list of payments and related data, go to Account settings > Accept Payments. Scroll down to see the list.

In the Contacts column, you can view customer data. Click the arrow to see the personal information users entered during checkout (email address, phone number, and name). Depending on the service, you can also view the following data:

Email The recipient's email address.
Chatbots Contact variable names and values from the bot audience at the moment of payment.
CRM Variable names and values from the contact card.
Websites Email address, website name, and its link.
EDU Variable names and values from the contact card.

You can also click a contact name and follow the link to see a chat with them and send a message.

In the Amount column, you can view the payment system logo, the payment amount, and the indicated currency. To view the merchant, hover over the payment system logo.

In the Description column, you can view the product name for which your customer paid.

In the Status column, you can view the current payment status.

In the Date column, you can view the payment date and time.

How to filter and upload payment data

You can view payments made during a certain period. To do this, select a period of time in the calendar, and click Apply. Afterward, the statistics and the number of accepted and successful payments will appear below.

To download a file with payment data, click CSV. The file will contain the following information: payment method name and type, SendPulse service, customer name, description, currency, amount and minimum amount, ability to edit the payment amount, status, variables, date created, and payment update date.

Payment statuses

Before listing possible payment statuses, let’s briefly outline the parties involved:

  • the seller is a person who uses the SendPulse services to sell goods to customers;
  • the customer is a person who purchases and uses the products created by the seller;
  • the payment system facilitates financial transactions between the seller and the customer using non-cash means.
Pending payment The customer has followed the payment link but has not made the payment yet.
Pending The customer has already made the payment, but their bank or payment system has not transferred the funds to their SendPulse account yet.
Complete The payment has been successfully made in full.
Canceled The customer has canceled the payment. In some cases, this status appears when the customer visits the payment page but does not end up paying.
Refunded The seller has returned the payment to the customer in full.
Refunded partial The seller has partially returned the payment.
Reversed The payment system has returned the payment to the customer in full.

The seller has not participated in this.

Denied The payment system has canceled the payment.

The client needs to check for possible errors during the transaction and, if necessary, contact their bank.

Incomplete This status is applicable to PayPal, Fondy, and Cryptomus merchants. The payment has been successful, but the credited amount is less than the amount specified in the SendPulse service.

Notify the customer that the full amount must be paid.

Error A payment error has occurred.

The client should try again or contact their bank.

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