How to connect Wayforpay as a payment system

You can add a payment button to your chatbots and landing pages and accept online payments from users using your Wayforpay account. To integrate Wayforpay with SendPulse, you'll need to create and activate a Wayforpay account, copy your keys, and get them authorized by SendPulse.

Create a Wayforpay account

Log in to your account, or create a new one on the Wayforpay website. To do this, enter your phone number, and confirm the sign-in via SMS.

Log in to the system using the created number.

Go to Shop settings, and create a store to receive payments.

Activate your shop

Next, you need to provide more information about your company (your bank details) and upload the required documents.

Read more: What you need to activate the store.

You can only use the store in test mode before activating it — that is, you can make and receive payments using your account.

Copy your Wayforpay keys

Go to Store Settings, select your store, and scroll down to Merchant details. Copy the values from the Merchant login and Merchant Secret Key fields.

Connect Wayforpay to SendPulse

Log in to your SendPulse account, and go to the Account Settings > Accept payments tab.

Next to Wayforpay, click Connect.

Enter your Merchant login and Merchant Secret Key values in the corresponding field.

Select the currency you accept.

Click Save. If the values are correct, you will receive a notification, and your connection status will change to Connected.

To connect addition merchant of the same payment system, click the three dots icon next to a payment system, and select Add one more merchant. Follow the same procedure you used when adding a merchant.

Enter a name for your additional merchant so that you can identify it. This name will only be displayed in your account — customers will not see it.

Now you can choose this payment option when creating chatbot and landing page payment buttons.

You can view your payment history in the same tab. Mark the list of successful transactions or payment errors in order to quickly respond to them.

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