How to connect Cryptomus as a payment system

You can add a payment button to your chatbots and landing pages and accept online payments from users using Cryptomus. To integrate Cryptomus with SendPulse, you'll need to create your Cryptomus account and merchant, copy your ID and API key, and get them authorized by SendPulse.

Create an account

Register on the Cryptomus website using your email address or phone number. Come up with a strong password, read and accept the terms and conditions, and click Create an account.

You will receive a confirmation code to your indicated email address or phone number. Enter it during the next step, and open your personal account.

Create a merchant

Click Create merchant.

If you have already created a merchant, open it, and go to the Copy the API Key and ID section of this article.

Enter your merchant name and click Create merchant.

Pass the moderation

You need to pass the moderation by confirming that you are the owner of your eCommerce platform. It can be a website or a Telegram bot.

Go to the merchant settings in the API Integration tab. Select your option.

Confirm that you are the owner of the website or bot. Your available moderation methods will depend on your merchant purpose.

Via your website

Enter a link to your website, and add a short description. Click Submit.

You need to have access to your active website’s settings.

Select your website moderation method. Please note that the next step in the Cryptomus settings interface will offer a code or file that you need to use.

Let's analyze the available methods and their settings.

Using DNS Add specified code to your domain's DNS record in the TXT format.

You can do this in your hosting control panel.

Using a meta tag on the site Add specified code to the <head> tag of your website home page.
Using an HTML file Download the file, and add it to your website’s root folder.
Telegram bot ownership Available for Telegram bot moderation. Read more in the next section.

If you own a SendPulse-powered eCommerce website, we recommend using the Using a metatag on the site moderation method. To do this, to go to the Site Settings tab, select the <head> location, and add the code.

Read more: How to add custom code to your site.

Once you add the code to your website, click Check. If you have entered the data correctly, you will see the Success status.

Click Confirm to submit your website for moderation.

Wait for your merchant to be moderated. This can take up to 12 hours.

Via Telegram

Enter a link to your bot, and add a short description. Click Submit.

Select the Telegram bot ownership moderation method, and click Confirm and contact support.

Contact customer support via live chat.

Get your code, enter it in your Telegram bot, and wait for confirmation. Once you pass the moderation, you can delete the code.

Wait for your merchant to be moderated. This can take up to 12 hours.

Copy your API key and ID

Once you pass the moderation, open your merchant, and go to Settings > API Integration. Copy the data in the Merchant ID and Payment API key fields.

Connect Cryptomus to SendPulse

Log in to your SendPulse account, and go to Account Settings > Accept payments.

Next to Cryptomus, click Connect.

Enter your merchant name.

Enter the ID and API Key you copied in your Cryptomus account.

Select the currency using which you want to showcase your product.

If necessary, select the cryptocurrency in which you need to accept payments from customers, and choose a blockchain network.

Payment amounts are issued in fiat (regular currency) — USD, EUR, etc.

During payment, customers will see the price in your selected cryptocurrency at the current rate and the wallet where they need to transfer the specified payment amount.

If the values are correct, you will receive a notification, and your connection status will change to Connected.

You can choose this payment option when creating chatbot and landing page payment buttons.

You can view your payment history in the same tab. Mark the list of successful transactions or payment errors to quickly respond to them.

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