How to connect Whitepay as a payment system

You can add a payment button to your chatbots, websites, courses, or CRM system to accept online payments. On the payment page, users can transfer cryptocurrency to your wallet and click “Pay with WhiteBIT.”

In this article, we will talk about how to connect Whitepay as a payment system.

Before getting started, create a Whitepay account or log in to it.

Follow the instructions in the Whitepay panel to confirm your account registration.

Then, in your SendPulse account, go to Account settings > Accept payments. Next to Whitepay, click Connect. You will need to fill in the fields in the modal window to set up the integration.

You will need Slug and Access token from your Whitepay account to paste them into the respective fields. You will also need to add your Webhook URL to the Whitepay settings.

In the Payment page name (Slug) field, enter your payment page name from the Payment pages section of your Whitepay account.

Generate your Access token

In your Whitepay account, go to the Settings section > Tokens.

To generate an Access token, click Generate in the Access token field.

To generate a token, verify your account, and enable two-factor authentication. To do this, go to Settings > Security. Download Google Authentication or a similar tool, and scan the QR code in the Two factor authentication section. Next, enter the acquired digits in the input field, and click Enable.

Copy your token value.

Add your SendPulse Webhook URL to Whitepay

In the SendPulse modal window, copy the value from the Webhook URL field, and paste it into the Webhooks field in your Whitepay settings. Click Save.

Afterwards, the Webhook token will be generated. Copy it.

You can only generate the token once, so make sure to save it.

Once the webhook is added, select the necessary checkboxes.

Complete the integration setup

In the SendPulse modal window, paste the values ​​you copied in your Whitepay settings into the Access token and Webhook Token fields.

In the Currency field, select the currency using which you want to showcase your product.

Click Save. If the values are correct, you will receive a notification, and your integration status will change to Connected.

To connect another merchant of the same payment system, click the three dots icon next to the payment system, and select Add one more merchant. Follow the same steps you used when adding a merchant.

Enter a name of this merchant so that you can identify it — this name will not be visible to customers.

Now you can select this payment method when adding payment buttons to chatbots, landing pages, email templates, the CRM, and online course builder.

You can view your payment history in the same tab. Mark successful transactions or payment errors to be able to handle them quickly.

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