Email planner

The email planner allows you to set up your emails so that they are sent out at a specific time and date. All the user needs to do is to set the sending schedule, and the service will automatically send out the emails at the predefined time.

Advantages of using the email planner:

First of all, the time that you want your e-mails sent might fall outside of normal working hours, and with the e-mail planner, no one needs to be there to click “Send”.

Secondly, it is an especially essential tool when you are creating a large number of mailings with different offers – no more having to look at your wall calendar and circle the dates on it!

Thirdly, 50% of companies send greetings emails, and it would be impossible to do that without an email planner.

There is no limit to the number of mailings that you set up in advance.

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