Subscription form generator

The subscription form is a block of text entry fields that is placed on your website. It has fields for entering certain information (name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.). The main aim of the subscription form is to gather contact information from your users who have shown themselves willing to receive your newsletters (i.e. they have filled in the form). That contact information can then be used for your future e-mail campaigns.

Why do I need a subscription form? 

  • To collect useful information for mailing lists
  • To further send details from the website
  • To create your target audience
  • To establish a relationship with potential customers

What is the form generator and why do I need it?

The subscription form generator is a block form editor, where you can change the style of the form, add additional fields, and edit the text that appears. All you have to do to create a form is open the generator and add all the elements you need.

When you use the subscription form generator, the HTML code for the form will be automatically created, and you then need only place this code in one of your webpages so that the form will appear on your website. When the HTML code is generated, the design that you have created for the form will be saved.

Support for a two-level subscription will allow you to, first of all, link each form to a separate mailing list, where the user’s e-mail address will be entered after he/she has filled out the form on the site. Secondly, it will allow you to send an e-mail to the user’s address to confirm the subscription.


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