Re-subscribe Clients and Manage Their Subscription Data

Start with creating a new email template (or edit an existing one)

Open variables list and select: {{MANAGE_SUBSCRIPTION}} - to allow subscribers to edit their personal information you are storing or to let them request personal data deletion.

Use {{RECONFIRM_SUBSCRIPTION}} variable to re-confirm consent to receive your messages.

Highlight the variable, then add the variable link, and its text then hit Insert/edit link.

Move the variable from Text of the Link box to Web Address(URL) box and add the textual part of the link, then click Insert/edit link.

Click Save & Exit to save the template.

Name the template (if you have created a new one) and save it (e.g., "re-confirm your subscription")

Now open the template and create a campaign.

Add missing data (e.g., company name, address, etc.), then select a mailing list to send the new email project to (don't forget to add a subject line)

Check campaign parameters and click Start to send the campaign.

Сlient receives the email and clicks the link — the one you added earlier using the {{MANAGE_SUBSCRIPTION}} or {{RECONFIRM_SUBSCRIPTION}} variable)

As soon as the recipient clicks the link, he or she is redirected to a web form, where they will see options (depending on which variable was used):

Subscribers can request removal of personal data, or they can update it - by ticking two checkboxes (both of them must be checked to re-confirm subscription):

  1. To confirm that they allow processing of their data;
  2. To verify that they read and understood the Privacy Policy.

If the client ticks these two boxes and hits Update profile, a confirmation message will follow

If they leave the two checkboxes unticked and hit request removal of your data, they will be redirected accordingly

Then they need to click Send a request to complete the data removal.

Note that the data will NOT be deleted automatically — users will have to clean up their mailing lists manually — using Filter.

Open a mailing list and apply the filter:

Select Filter - By Status and in the drop-down menu select User requested to delete personal data, click OK.

Select all filtered recipients and click Remove Contacts

That's about it.

With the re-confirm subscription form, the subscriber has to tick both checkboxes to confirm their consent to remain in the mailing list.

When subscribers confirm their subscription or when they decide to request personal data deletion, their contact's status on your mailing list will change accordingly.

If a user requests to have their data removed, you won't be able to send them emails unless they re-subscribe, — SendPulse's email service indicates that condition accordingly - if all recipients on the list request to have their data deleted, your mailing list will show that you don't have any active emails.

If there are recipients with mixed statuses on the list, the service will say how many addresses you can send the campaign to:

Note that new variables (for user convenience we related them to the GDPR) are added to the mailing list right after at least one of the recipients from the list updates their subscription data

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