How to Send a Confirmation Email

A confirmation email is the beginning of your communication with the clients. A confirmation email is sent if you use double opt-in subscription. Sending this email, you can be sure that the email address is valid and that a user is really interested in your work as they need to confirm the subscription twice.

With SendPulse, you can create a subscription form alongside a confirmation email for free. A confirmation email is created automatically in a couple of minutes.

So, how do you create a confirmation email?

Step 1. Create a subscription form

Choose “Subscription forms” and click “Create subscription form”. Then, select from form templates to choose a ready-made one, or create your own in our form builder.

Here is the guide on how to create a subscription form

Create a subscription form

Step 2. Create a notification about a subscription

Having created a subscription form, go to "Form options."

Go to subscription form options

After users fill out a subscription form and click “Subscribe”, they will see a message – a notification about the subscription. Inform them that they need to confirm their subscription otherwise they won’t receive emails. Enter a notification title and text.

Edit notification about subscription

Step 3. Create the text of the confirmation email

Fill the “From address” field and make sure it’s a corporate email address. Using a corporate email, there are more chances to go avoid spam-filters. If you have a website with a registered domain, for example,, add your name before it and your corporate email will look like this:

Edit the text of the email with the help of HTML editor or by inserting the code.

Edit the text of the confirmation email

Step 4. Choose a confirmation page

Subscribers will be redirected to this page after clicking a confirmation link.

Choose the action after subscription.

If you redirect a user to your own thank you page, enter its URL.

Choose confirmation page

Now you are ready with your confirmation email, click “Apply changes”.

Create a subscription form

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